SeaBoater Yachts: Traditional Yacht Building And The Modern, Ecological And Cost Effective Technologies

By on September 21, 2010
SeaBoater Yachts

Global Money Union, Inc. (GMUnion) has recently invested capital in the SeaBoater Yachts brand which offers an impressive reputation including their own associate shipyards located around the globe including in Australia, Croatia, the Netherlands, and Poland.

SeaBoater Yachts is headquartered in Humble, Texas and capitalizing on the recent investment by GMUnion, they are rather busy building a line of world-class yachts ranging in size from 60 to 200 feet. SeaBoater’s vast network of experienced, competent yacht builders are some of the most respected in their field known for providing only the highest of quality along with professional delivery.

The SeaBoater 72 Carbon

SeaBoater 72 Carbon

The SeaBoater 72 Carbon is said to be the “all star” of the entire fleet of SeaBoater yachts with its innovative design and outstanding performance. Designed in cooperation with one of the world’s most respected naval architects, the Spanish design team of Botin and Carkeek, the SeaBoater 72 Carbon was built to be cost effective as well as offering all of the latest yacht components.

This model from SeaBoater is available with one of three different engine power systems: diesel, hybrid, which is electric and diesel fuel, or solar hybrid, which is solar power along with both electric and diesel.

This model is also available in four versions: the SeaBoater 72 Carbon Race, a full performance sport racing yacht; the Carbon Classic, a ship with a clean classic appearance; the Deck Saloon model which features a bigger deck saloon than the previous two; and finally, the SeaBoater 72 Carbon Deck Saloon Hard Top, a practical hard top version of the yacht only available with the solar engine.

Specifications of the SeaBoater 72 Carbon:

LOA: 21.80 m / 72.00 ft
LWL: 18.13 m / 59.48 ft
Beam: 5.47 m / 16.20 ft
Draft (Keel Down): 4.57 m / 14.5 ft
Draft (Keel Up): 2.60 m / 8.53 ft
Displacement: 18,550 t
Ballast: 8,655 t
Sail Area: 258.49 m2 / 2781 ft2
Fuel: 890 l/ 196,000 gal
Water: 920 l/ 202,000 gal
Auxiliary: (Yanmar 4LHA-HTP) 118 Kw @ 3300 Rpm 160 Hp

The SeaBoater 100 Carbon

SeaBoater 100 Carbon

Following the exact same protocol as the SeaBoater 72 Carbon in terms of the quality equipment used and the entire build process, the SeaBoater 100 Carbon differs slightly from its predecessor with its large, glamorous size as well as the semi-custom approach used during manufacturing.

SeaBoater allows prospective owners to change the number of cabins they prefer in the 100 Carbon yacht as well as their configuration. Clients may also change several on-deck features to suit their liking or needs better and have free reign as long as no changes are asked to be made to the hull design itself, to critical bulkheads on the yacht, or to its key operating systems.

The SeaBoater 100 Carbon is available with three different types of engines: diesel, hybrid, which is electric and diesel combined, or solar hybrid, which is a combination of solar power along with electricity and diesel fuel. This yacht is also available in two different versions: either the SeaBoater 100 Carbon Deck Saloon or the SeaBoater 100 Carbon Deck Saloon Hard Top with the latter only being available in conjunction with the solar powered engine.

The SeaBoater 100 Carbon is a rather high-tech piece of machinery that includes all of the latest gadgets and innovations you would hope for such as a hydraulic lifting system and controls, carbon fiber hull, flush carbon hatches, and a retractable carbon bow prod.

This particular model from SeaBoater also boasts the distinction of being the very first yacht of its range to combine hybrid (electric and diesel) and solar hybrid (solar and electric/diesel) technology together.

Specifications of the SeaBoater 100 Carbon:

LOA: 30.48 m
LWL: 28.70 m
Beam: 6.90 m
Displacement: 48 t
Ballast appr.: 16500 kg
Sail area: 490 m2
Engine: 300 HP
Draft (Keel Down): 4.57 m
Draft (Keel Up): 3.00 m

The SeaBoater EOS 108 Aluminum

For the prospective owner not concerned with racing performance or speed who wants to save a considerable amount of money on their purchase, the EOS 108 Aluminum may be the absolute perfect solution as it features the same high quality build as SeaBoater’s entire fleet of yachts.

The all metal boat featuring a hull designed by the renowned design team of Van de Stadt is much heavier than its carbon fiber counterparts, but it’s also incredibly easy to maintain as well as repair and can withstand all the abuse the high seas have to offer.

The SeaBoater EOS 108 Aluminum can be had with one of three different engine types: diesel, hybrid, meaning electric and diesel, and also solar hybrid, which is solar power, electric, and diesel combined.

This model by the yacht builder is also available in three different versions: the SeaBoater EOS 108 Aluminum Budget which features a casual, comfortable interior, or the SeaBoater EOS 108 Aluminum Deck Saloon offering a more luxurious feel than the previous model both inside and outside of the yacht, and the SeaBoater EOS 108 Aluminum Saloon Hard Top, which is the same as the deck saloon model but featuring a practical hard top as its name implies.

Specifications of the SeaBoater EOS 108 Aluminum:

LOA: 33.00 m
LWL: 30.00 m
Beam: 7.50 m
Draft: 2.75 m
Displacement: 140 t
Balast: 43 t
Mainsail: 307 m2
JIB: 232 m2
Total S.A.: 539 m2
Staysail: 90 m2
Engine: 400 HP

Some of the other products available from SeaBoater Yachts include the SeaBoater hybrid catamarans, both single and double deck, and the Seaboater Catamaran 63, Seaboater Catamaran 74, and SeaBoater Catamaran 100. The yacht builder also custom builds all of its yachts according to their client’s unique specifications and has palettes with three different hull materials to use, aluminum, carbon, or a glass, epoxy composite depending on buyer preference and yacht size.

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