Clipper Round the World Yacht Race

By on October 5, 2014

The Call of the Ocean

The siren call of the ocean has attracted men from times immemorial .Men have been drawn to the sea, in search of treasures, for commerce and some for pure unadulterated adventure. The longing for adventure, for excitement, for pitting yourself against the forces of nature facing & overcoming the challenges that the ocean throws at you, waging a battle with the turbulent waves pitting your wits and skills against the relentless adversary remains unquenched so does the desire to explore and experience the unknown.
Clipper around the world yacht race is the answer to the yearn for adventure, excitement & exploration (of the world and your inner self).The clipper around the world yacht race was conceived by Sir Robin Knox-Johnston in 1995. Sir Robin Knox-Johnston was joined by William Ward and Jeremy Knight. These Triumvirate form the core of the board and are the only directors of the Clipper yacht race.

Origin of the Clipper race

The moniker ‘clipper’ has an interesting history behind it. In 1830’s Tea clippers were small, fast cargo carrying ships. Riches and bounties would be waiting for the first clipper to reach the shores of the London with their precious cargo. In 1866, four such clippers held an informal race and proved to be the inspiration of the current clipper around the world yacht.
From the informal clipper race of 1860’s, the modern day clipper race has grown to become a gruelling race challenging the endurance of the competitor, pitting him against Mother Nature in her rawest form.

Clipper In Port

Are you the ONE?

The clipper yacht race is a 40,000 mile race around the world, extending up to 11 months with 8 legs and 16 races. You can choose to complete the entire race or opt for a certain number of leg/s. The clipper yacht race requires its participants to be physically fit and in the age of 18 and above – there is no upper age limit. The race is for both experts and novices. There is no discrimination: sailors, bank employees, housewives, adventure lovers, anybody can join in the race.
It is probably the only race in the world where the organizers provide you with a fleet of 12 identical 70 foot yachts. Each yacht will have a skipper who will safely guide you throughout the race. The yacht is sponsored by a city or a region, it could even be a country – the final outcome will depend on how well the participants work as a team.

The anniversary special

The 2015-16 edition commemorating the tenth anniversary of the clipper racing is about to begin. Such is the popularity of the race, it has almost completed 70% of the booking so far. There are about 400 crew members from 28 nationalities comprising of Germany, UK, Sweden, USA, Australia and more. The tenth anniversary edition will also welcome its first ever crew members from South Korea, Latvia, Colombia and Bulgaria.

The anatomy of 70s

This will be the second circumnavigation for the 70 foot yacht. Designed by Tony Castro, the 70s do not have any luxury features, and the crew must learn to operate within the confined spaces. The 70 comes with twin helms, twin rudders and a 6 feet bow spirit. The bow spirit includes 3 large asymmetric spinnakers and a head sail which work together to provide better performance.
The clipper yacht race is not for the faint hearted, it is for those who wish to test their mettle against Mother Nature, unleash your spirit of adventure and learn a lesson of a lifetime.

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