The Streets Of Monaco: Futuristic Superyacht Project By Yacht Island Design

By on February 4, 2011
The Streets of Monaco

Yacht Island Design was established by an artistic team driven with fervor for something distinctive. This team is creating themed yachts and their pioneering design is “The Streets of Monaco”. The art of bringing into being a themed vessel is by putting together a story wherein every component of the design blends together, creating a genuinely distinctive environment and with the 155m SWATH craft, the streets of Monaco are brought out into the ocean.

The Streets of Monaco

The Principality of Monaco is the home of the renowned Monaco Yacht Show and the Formula One track. This splendid yacht behaves like a floating isle and with the advantages coming from a SWATH platform, excellent stability is ensured. Furthermore, the wide beams allows the designers to accomplish the most excellent manipulation of the space, giving them a free hand for daring and bold ideas lacking of the limitations of a hull’s typical shape.

The 155m SWATH cruiser is constructed largely in steel but uses aluminum at its upper structure. It has an utmost speed of fifteen knots and can transport 86 individuals (70 crew members and 16 guests) with the use of “diesel electric propulsion”. The design called for an interpretation of the flair and elegance of Monaco’s principality and three public areas, namely: “The Streets of Monaco”, “The Grand Atrium” and “The Oasis”.

The Streets of Monaco

The vessel is divided into four main outer decks with the streets of Monaco as the heart of the design, gyrating around the recreation of the legendary “Monaco Grand Prix” race track. It also highlights other renowned locations such as the Casino Square that features a huge fountain with glass bottoms set in a serene garden view, the Hotel de Paris, La Rascasse and the Café de Paris plus the famed tunnel complex and Loews Hotel.

After passing The Casino, the visitor arrives on the top of “Loews Hotel” that extends up to the bow with barbecue facilities and spacious sun decks integrated in the design. Walking aft, the visitor can see a replica of Port Hercule harbor that has a swimming pool along with a swim-in Jacuzzi. As visitors go the length of the stern, a multipurpose square that allows visitors to play various sports activities and can be used also as helipads is available. The Prince’s Palace, at the first-rate location at the bow, contains the private apartments of the owners.

The Streets of Monaco

The Oasis is a replica of the gardens found outside of Monaco Casino. This area boasts of a central waterfall and the large windows at the exterior area borders the whole section of the aft. This would extend to a full ceiling. At the lower level at the forward section, a Spa, café bar and gym are available.

The Atrium is at the yacht’s central hub and connects the lower and upper living areas, surrounded by a waterfall whose water is brought in from the glass-bottomed fountain above. At the lower atrium, there are public office, library, public balcony, cinema and seven guest rooms. The upper level points to the major entertainment district. The owner’s suite comprises the central salon (Havana room) adjacent to the casino, wine cellar, dance hall and dining room. Other key attributes include two big garages to gather all methods of launches such as jet skis or powerboats, submarine and dive docks.

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