Sauter Carbon Offset Design Presents The Ocean Empire Life Support Superyacht

By on February 1, 2011
Ocean Empire LSV

Sauter Carbon Offset Design presents the 44 m Ocean Empire life support Superyacht, the worlds first totally self sufficient Zero Carbon Life Support Vessel.

The solar powered propulsion systems of the yacht and all the Hotel amenities of a luxury global voyager are supplied by harnessing 3 major sources of sustainable of energy.

The first and foremost source of energy is from the Sun which powers Solar Cells (covering the entire surface of the vessel) while at the same time illuminating 2 Hydroponic farms. The second source is energy from the Wind which powers an auxiliary automated SkySail that drives the Ocean Empire to 18+knots while charging her GM ESS2 batteries through power sailing KER.

Ocean Empire LSV

The third source is energy from Waves captured through Motion Damping Regeneration (MDR). A new form of ATMD (Adjustable Tuned Mass Damper) developed in collaboration with Maurer Sohnes Gmbh.

Ocean Empire LSV

Richard Sauter head of design commented “The Ocean Empire life support Superyacht liberates the Superyacht community from its strict dependence on unsustainable resources by harnessing the renewable collective power ever present in the Earths Biosphere”.

Ocean Empire LSV

Ocean Empire’s Solar Hybrid design offers every available Superyacht luxury within her full range of operation which extends from a 50% reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions to Ultra Green Carbon Neutral and Zero Carbon cruising.

As a Charter, a Plugged in Ocean Empire LSV is capable of feeding 360+Mwh’s of electricity to the grid. Enough energy to make up to 12,000 nautical miles of Chartered Carbon Neutral voyages every year.

Specifications of the Ocean Empire LSV:

Length: 44 m
Beam: 15.5 m
Draft: 0.8 m
Weight: < 85tons
2 Hydroponic farms: 30 m2
SkySail: 200 kw
SunPower solar cells: 70 kw
Daimler DD16 Diesel Electric power generation: 350 kw
Fuel: 20 t/2,000 kwh
Maximum speed: 18+ knots
Cruising speed: 12+ knots
Range at 18 knots: 3,500+ nm
Guests: 10
Crew: 8

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