Sun Odyssey 439: Simply Naturally Beautiful Sailing Yacht

By on January 6, 2011
Sun Odyssey 439

The Sun Odysseys are a brand of clean lined sail boats, the 439 being the latest model in a line of luxury sail boats. The Sun Odyssey 439 has a streamlined body and a new design theory to give you faster sailing and better handling while still easy to sail. The big 44 footer is big enough to carry a roomy interior so that many people can come sailing along also. In addition, the beautiful inside provides all the comfort of home and have plenty of room for the whole family right there in the little cabin below deck. This boat isn’t just a boat, it can be a home anywhere in the world with the right amount of ingenuity and gumption.

Older sail boats rely on a basic set up – Mainsail and Jib, boom, masthead and mast. The 439 has a slightly different rig. The mast of the Sun Odyssey 439 is adjustable in four different ways so that it can be perfect for any particular region that one might be sailing in. The design allows for the jib and mainsail to be same size and batten down with drawstrings to the coach roof. Another allows for the the jib sail to slide out along a track, along with two other designs that have all been tested for performance and stability. The theory behind the ergonomic design is so that the boat is still easy to sail while having the highest performance that they could have. The sails are top quality canvas and if the wind won’t catch them, the Yanmar motor will still push you around.

Sun Odyssey 439

Of course, the 54 hp motor would have to push the big sail boat along if the wind weren’t in the skipper’s favor, because the specifics of the boat are enormous. While the sails are about 1000 square feet total, the Sun Odyssey is forty four feet in length, and about fourteen feet across. With four cabins total, there should be no reason for anyone to be without a place to sleep. There are two cabins side by side that are close to the full bathroom with the shower and on the other side of the kitchen. The third is a master’s cabin with a slave quarter next to it, the master’s having it’s own toilet and sink area, located at the nose of the ship. Inside the galley area, there is a two burner stove as well as plenty of counter space to cook those caught fish, as well as plenty of area to sit and eat it in. All that inside the cabin of a sail boat!

Sun Odyssey 439

The Sun Odyssey 439 is another masterful piece of work by Phillipe Briand and produced by Jeanneau. Following in the design footsteps of it’s brethren, the 409, the 439 is this year’s answer to the model with a better motor and an even more streamlined design. The Sun Odyssey 439 will create a homey feeling on the lonely seas for captains who sail alone, and provide plenty of room for the man that brought along his family. The boat is big enough to live on for a number of people, even more if you don’t mind a squeeze. Everything with this boat should be “smooth sailing”.

Specifications of the Sun Odyssey 439:

Length overall: 13.34 m/44′
Hull length: 12.98 m/43′
Hull beam: 4.24 m/14′
Light displacement: 9880 kg/21736 lbs
Standard keel draught: 2.2 m/7′
Fuel capacity: 200 l/53 gal
Water capacity: 530 l/140 gal
Cabins: 4
Motor: 40 KW/54 HP
Designers: Phillipe Briand/Jeanneau Design

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