Open 90 Superyacht Concept By Van Geest Design

By on January 5, 2011
VGD's Open 90

While the average individual might not find it to be affordable, Van Geest Design (VGD) has created a true masterpiece with their Open 90 Yacht Design. This yacht is in its early stages of design of course, and because of that it is currently being developed for a European shipyard yet to be disclosed to the public. What can be disclosed however are a few of the specifications surrounding this yacht as well as the fact that anyone who rides on it is going to enjoy themselves immensely.

It has been stated by Van Geist that the Open 90 is being designed in an attempt to pursue and even combine the interactions between the interior and the exterior. This will effectively extend the living room and lounge areas to the exterior in an actual terrace arrangement. As with any boat however you might be wondering about the safety features, and as you will find out, there are plenty of safety features built into this boat.

VGD's Open 90

It will be found that there are various pieces of safety equipment in the bulwarks as well as the forward and aft sections. Each of these sections feature a framed glass window that permits you to see the outboard with zero obstruction. In addition to aesthetics, it will also allow light to pass through which will permit for a more natural experience.

VGD's Open 90

The designs as of right now will permit for sixteen guests on the main deck, and the lower deck will feature space for twenty-two crew members. In addition to that space you will also find that there is a spa and wellness center along with the tender garage that is located directly forward of here.

VGD's Open 90

There are of course going to be those concerned about exiting the boat while it is offshore, and this is perfectly reasonable. One thing that has been found, and is rather obvious, is that a helicopter moves much faster than a boat ever will. That being the case, a helipad has been built onto the top of the yacht for emergency situations.

VGD's Open 90

In addition to the safety benefits, you will find that a full beam owner/guest suite has been included along with a private deck connected to the main deck. The 360 degree panoramic view will permit you to see virtually everything, and the entire boat is composed of a steel structure that permits for 24 knots. Though it does have this ability, the final speed available is largely unknown due to VGD’s unwillingness to release early specifications regarding the propulsion system. In all honesty however, you can probably plan on this boat being one of the best in its line. Stay tuned for more information!

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