New Hatteras GT60 Sport Fishing Boat

By on January 4, 2011
Hatteras GT60

Hatteras Yachts, located in North Carolina, and whose legend started in 1959 on the barrier islands near Cape Hatteras, is the undisputed king of American manufacturing of sports-fishing boats. Make no mistake, it has taken the folks at Hatteras Yachts decades to achieve this honor. Thanks to the inspiration and vision of founder Willis Slane as well as the work ethic and drive of the people who build the Hatteras line to use innovative technology to build the best possible watercraft they will own the throne for decades to come and their redesigned GT60 is a jewel in their crown.

Hatteras GT60 Hatteras GT60

The Hatteras GT60 is the ultimate in sports-fishing yachts and the envy of any owner-operator/angler who plays the game for keeps. The Hatteras GT60 takes its cue from the current 60′s hull design keeping that distinct look that the original 60 convertible is so well known for. The Hatteras people have debuted this newly redesigned 60 just recently at the Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show where it received rave reviews from both the press and industry insiders as well as from the visitors and enthusiasts who got a good look at it too. Look for other manufacturers to copy the improvements displayed in the GT 60 very soon.

The shipbuilders at Hatteras Yachts have designed and built the hull of GT60 using a fiberglass laminate that is resin-infused. The process of resin infusion is what allows the GT60 to reach the 40+ knots that the company wanted, because the process becomes a strong but light hull that is absolutely necessary to accomplish the feat. The Hatteras GT60 also has the traditional and distinctive “Carolina Flare” style bow that the company has made the signature and popular look for its sports-fishing convertible fleet. The hulls of the Hatteras sports-fishing line is what sets them apart from other boats of that niche.

Hatteras GT60 Hatteras GT60

The interior of the Hatteras GT60 is definitely not the norm for other manufacturers of sports-fishing boats. The GT60 is not only a sports-fishing boat, but an able bodied cruiser as well. The interior has been completely redesigned to offer both a three and 4-cabin configuration with three heads. The galley area seats up to six and has all of the amenities you could want. State of the art entertainment and operating systems are the norm for the Hatteras GT60 too. The interior is constructed with luxurious woods and fabrics and each owner has their say in the interior layout for a personal touch.

The Hatteras GT60 has a twin propulsion system that is powered by twin ACERTS Caterpillar motors boasting 1800 hp and drawing their sustenance from a 1500-gallon capacity fuel tank, and an optional 250-gallon auxiliary tank can be added to the boat. As a sports-fishing boat the GT60 has all of the amenities a fisherman could want with plenty of storage for bait, catch, tackle, and rods throughout and well designed into the exterior of the GT60. The flybridge with optional covering has a navigators seat, and additional seating for the passengers extending the amount of available lounging space.

Hatteras GT60 Hatteras GT60

Specifications of the Hatteras GT60:

Length Overall: 18.20 m/59’10″
Waterline Length: 15 m/51’11″
Beam: 5.78 m/19’0″
Draft: 1.44 m/4’9″
Displacement: 9,500 lbs
Freshwater Capacity: 757 l/200 gal
Fuel Capacity: 5,678 l/1,500 gal

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