Solar: The Eco-friendly Explorer Yacht Concept By Carsten Astheimer

By on October 1, 2010

With 300 successful projects done worldwide, Astheimer Ltd in Warwick, UK is a well known design studio. Their projects include hotel interiors, cars, and ships. Carsten Astheimer has over 15 years of experience with strategic roles in product development and design. He holds two degrees within the engineering field and the design field. Astheimer is well known for directing design teams at Pininfarina and Brunkswick Corporation. To create this 75-mere concept, Carsten Astheimer, worked in teams with naval engineers and architects.


This 75-mere concept has an explorer-type water tight body of the ship. The ship’s features include an exceptionally spacious interior and exterior too. The owner of the vessel and guests will get the phenomenal connection feeling to the marine and environment around them. The exoskeleton structure of this 75-mere concept is aluminum, which maximizes the potential of the solar panel is equipped with. The latest solar panel technology integrated with formidable transparent photovoltaic panels instead of the traditional glazing.


The designers studied the field of Building Integrated Photovoltaic’s (BIPV) and larger architectural projects. The larger architectural projects that the designers studied included the Sanyo Solar Ark in Japan. Photovoltaic technology is said to cut nearly 90 percent of heat transmission. The way the vessel is supposed to be cleaned is a crucial consideration and essential if the photovoltaic cells are operating at its peak capacity. Conventional lights and infrared lights are not used; instead electricity is generated by use of ultraviolet light. This will create a controlled internal environment, and helps the hybrid drive. This also is what gives the water makers power, and charges the batteries. This will also prolong the autonomy of the ship.


The vessel has a three-deck atrium in the center with a full open plan. The interior space if wide open, which breaks boundaries the traditional layer upon layer design of most yachts. The design of the ship includes a real tree in the middle of the atrium that is fed through osmosis. Due to the raised helm, you will get a 360 degree view which also connects to the captain’s cabin. There is a master cabin that has panoramic views along with a private deck. The vessel sports a foredeck space that is large with a helipad. Many people love the fold-out bathing platform. There is a rapid deployment system for the tenders that have an antenna and navigation mast that is integrated. This vessel has nine luxury cabins that include an in suite bathroom with walk-in closets.

This vessel has been designed with the thought in mind that they have reached perfection. Perfection meant, not that anything could not be added to the ship, but that nothing will need to be taken away from the ship. There is so much space and simplicity to the architecture giving the owner lots of room for advancements.


Carsten Astheimer kept the future owner in mind while he created the vessel. Keeping the customer in mind, while designing the yacht, was the key to success. The customer was always kept in mind from the brainstorming of the product until the product launch. Each detail was essential to making sure it was right for the consumer. Carsten Astheimer designed the vessel with every detail taken care of, and done the best way possible.

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