The New Sailing Superyacht Maltese Falcon By Perini Navi

By on September 6, 2010
Maltese Falcon

Perini Navi has recently released the new and improved sailing yacht Maltese Falcon. This luxury yacht is considered to be much larger, faster, and innovative than previous designs. This particular design originated with the superyacht known as the Maltese Falcon which was an amazing 88 meters. The new design is referred to as the “Concept C.2157″. The size of the sail is optimized and the waterline length is increased so that the water vessel is considered to be faster and have a higher level of efficiency.

Maltese Falcon

The Falcon Rig superyacht is going to measure in at an amazing 335 feet (102 metres). When evaluating the designs associated with the hull as well as the rig, you will discover that they are considered revolutionary. This water vessel converts the typical sail systems that are considered to be self-standing into masts that actually rotate. In addition to this, the squares associated with the sails are designed to curve in order to optimize the water vessel’s ability to maneuver through various bodies of water around the world. If you are looking for a technologically sound sailing concept, the Falcon Rig is a superyacht that will deliver.

Maltese Falcon Maltese Falcon

The beam size of the Falcon Rig is nearly 16.3 meters in length. The draught (keel up) is just over 6.5 meters. The engines are identified as the “CAT 3526C”. The maximum sustainable power associated with this luxury yacht is 2240 kilowatts of power which measures in at an amazing 1800 RPMs. The construction of the water vessel consists of both aluminum and steel. The displacement associated with the full load of this superyacht measures in at 2200 tones. Amazingly, the gross tonnage associated with the water vessel is 2700. The top speeds associated with the maximum power of the water vessel are 19.5 knots. This luxury yacht is considered to be top of the line luxury yacht and commercial boating.

Maltese Falcon Maltese Falcon

When looking at the Falcon Rig superyacht, you will find that it incorporates sleek designs, sharp artistic contours, and strong Italian overtones. Many that enjoy traveling on yachts will find that this particular water vessel has numerous benefits and features that are highly appealing. You will find circle staircases, wood-lined decks, a swimming patio, and numerous other features. Individuals that enjoy traveling on yachts and those that offer business services to those that appreciate the comfort and luxury of traveling on superyachts through charters and other services will find that this world class boat is not only efficient but also luxurious. The Falcon Rig superyacht is one of the leading designs in the yachting industry as of late.

Specification of the Maltese Falcon:

Length Overall: 88.00 m/288.71 ft
Length Waterline: 78.30 m/256.89 ft
Beam: 12.60 m/41.34 ft
Draught Max: 11.00 m/36.09 ft
Draught Min: 6.00 m/19.69 ft
Hull Material: Steel
Superstructure: Aluminium
Gross Tonnage: 1110
Displacement: 1240
Engines: 2 x Deutz AG TBD 620 V12, 4,020 HP, 2,998 KW total
Max Speed: 19.5 knots
Cruise Speed: 16 knots
Range: 4,000 at 14
Fuel Capacity: 100,000 l/26,420 gal
Water Capacity: 30,000 l/7,926 gal
Sail Area: 2,400 m2
Naval Architect: Perini Navi, Dykstra & Partners
Exterior Designer: Ken Freivokh Design
Interior Designer: Ken Freivokh Design

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