The Superyacht Dream Line Concept By Mac Cooper

By on September 6, 2010
Dream Line yacht

The Dream Line yacht is an amazing collection of detail, creativity, and class. This particular luxury yacht was designed by Mac Cooper, designer and founder of Dream Line Yacht & Product Design, located in Florida. This yacht measures approximately 350 feet in length, or 107 meters. It has been established that this luxury yacht is the absolute largest that has ever been released by this particular yacht company. Throughout this yacht guide, you will learn important facts pertaining to the Dream Line yacht release.

Dream Line yacht

Mac Cooper claims that when he created the design of the Dream Line yacht that he did not really have any specifics in mind. He had an idea for approximately a decade regarding the shape that was integrated into the design, but other than this, he incorporated his knowledge on ancient water vessel architecture that the Greeks were noted in using. As a matter of fact, this artistic yacht designer said: “I guess 3,000 years of hull design has come full circle” when he was being interviewed about the characteristics of this luxury yacht. Rather than one specific goal or strategy in the design, the Dream Line yacht incorporates many different goals and strategies. This is, perhaps, what makes it so unique and appealing to those that play a part in the luxurious world of yachts.

Dream Line yacht

This amazing luxury yacht is expected to accommodate several individuals at one time. It has been established that a crew of approximately twenty five could operate and reside on the water vessel at the same time that approximately sixteen guests could enjoy a trip on the yacht. In the front region of the main deck, there is a suite that is designed especially for the owner of the luxury yacht. This water vessel design also displays a multitude of enhancements that make it quite appealing to those that enjoy traveling on water. Examples of these enhancements include a room for the cinema, an exercise room, as well as Jacuzzis that have bottoms of glass.

Dream Line yacht

The engines that are built in to the yacht are considered to be gas turbine ones. It is believed that this water vessel could average a speed of as low as twenty knots to as much as twenty four knots – which is quite fast for a yacht of this particular size. The thrusters used on this yacht are identified as “Azimuth”. The transmission is actually an electric one that assists in moving the propellers of the massive yacht. The propellers, which typically are powered by gears in most luxury yachts, are controlled by the electricity within the transmission. Not only does this increase the power of the yacht, it also assists in saving the world’s atmosphere as no potentially harmful emissions are produced.

If you are interested in luxury yachts, you will be absolutely amazed at the designs associated with the Dream Line yacht.

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