Oyster 885: The New Edge In Luxury Yachting

By on August 31, 2010
Oyster 885

Humphreys Yacht Design, which was officially founded in the year of 1974, has recently introduced a magnificent luxury yacht to the yachting enthusiasts of the world - the Oyster 885.

Oyster 885 Oyster 885

This particular super yacht achieves two goals for those that enjoy the luxury and appeal of elegant water vessels. First, it allows those that make an investment into the ship to take part in the luxury of traveling on the exotic waters of the world. Second, it allows those same investors to enjoy a type of financial return by offering chartering services.

The Oyster 885 is the new “edge” in luxury yachting as it is considered to be the largest water vessel as far as length and individual specifications are concerned without exceeding the guidelines known as the “MCA 24-Meter Rule”.

Oyster 885 Oyster 885

In order to understand the true value and appeal associated with the Oyster 885 luxury yacht, it is important that you are introduced to the specifications associated with this exotic luxury yacht. The rig option that is currently available for this yacht is the one that is identified as “In-mast Furling”. When evaluating the Ballast based keep type, you will discover that it is a “HPB” or a “High Performance Bulb”.

Though the keel is considered to be standard, the overall displacement of this super yacht is an amazing one hundred sixty three thousand one hundred forty two pounds. The fuel tanks on the Oyster 885 have the capability of holding right at nine hundred twenty four gallons of fuel in order to power the engine (Cummins QSB5.9).

Oyster 885 Oyster 885 Oyster 885 Oyster 885

The water tanks that are part of the Oyster 885 luxury yacht have the capability of holding an amazing five twenty eight gallons of water. When evaluating the area that is considered to be the “sail area”, you will that the Oyster 885 contains an amazing ratio displacement of twenty five point one.

The overall length of the super yacht is an astounding one hundred forty six. This water vessel is so large that it has the ability of five thousand twenty eight pounds per inch that is considered to be “immersion”. The rig of this water vessel is considered to be “standard” among those that are interested in yachts. In addition to this, the spar type of the Oyster 885 luxury yacht is identified as the “Masthead Sloop with Fully Battened Main”.

Oyster 885 Oyster 885

When evaluating the Oyster 885 luxury yacht, you will find that there are many luxurious features on the vessel. First, the cockpit of the water vessel is split and designed in an ergonomically correct manner. The decks that are contained on this super yacht are not only large, but they are open so that there is plenty of room for lingering, socializing, getting some sun, or even dancing. In addition to this, the owner may elect to put in a deck saloon or a saloon that is raised.

When it comes to luxury yachts, the Oyster 885 is one of the most popular models on the market today.

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