The Superyacht Orchid Project By Luiz de Basto And Lurssen Shipyard

By on August 30, 2010

The renowned yacht design firm of Luiz de Basto of Miami Florida has collaborated with the master ship builders over at the Lurssen shipyard based in Germany and has created the next generation luxury superyacht Orchid. The Orchid is definitely a state of the art luxury yacht in both design and technology showing off a very futuristic look, and will certainly set the bar very high for other shipbuilders. After seeing the interior as well as the exterior of this magnificent watercraft there can be only one conclusion, and that is that the superyacht Orchid is riding the wave straight into the future of yachting.

Orchid Orchid

The Luiz de Basto design firm has been in business for many years and is well known for its attention to details and vision for the future of yacht design. The design firm specializes in and concentrates on designs that are both creative and innovative having designed many custom-built luxury yachts. De Basto has been commissioned to design many different vessels in a wide range of styling, type, and size and hey have approached each design with the idea that nothing is impossible. Being based in Miami, the gateway to the Caribbean has helped make Luiz de Basto the international powerhouse they are.

Orchid Orchid

The Lurssen group has been building watercraft for more than 125 years stepping into the shipbuilding industry in 1875. Known for designing and building ships that comply with the highest standards of manufacturing in the shipbuilding industry Lurssen has earned the reputation of being the very best in the business. Over the past few decades, the standards of international quality management were introduced into the shipbuilding industry, which has resulted in a very high quality of watercraft design and manufacturing. Lurssen has been DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 certified since 1994.

Orchid Orchid

The Superyacht Orchid has six decks, measures 88 meters (289 feet) from bow to stern and boasts an aerodynamic exterior design that is both aesthetically pleasing to the eye and maximizes the use of deck space. Forward of the Orchids fly bridge there is a touch and go helipad for accommodating those who travel to the ship from the shore by helicopter. On the main deck at the stern, the Orchid features an elliptical pool and furnishings for the avid sun worshipper. The ship also has an inboard walk around that allows travel from front to back without any interruption.

Orchid Orchid

The interior of the Orchid has as much attention to detail if not more than the exterior of the Megayacht. One of the most fascinating features within the interior is the design of the owner’s suite, which is designed on two levels. Located on the main deck of the Orchid the owner’s suite is connected to the owners lounge located on the upper deck above. However, a unique feature of the interior design is that the Orchid can only accommodate up to eight guests, because of a reduced number of cabins. The reason is to devote more space to the public areas and the cabins larger. A gymnasium, spa, and red and white wine storage.

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