Azimut 64: The New Dimension Of Comfort By Azimut Yachts

By on August 24, 2010
Azimut 64

The Azimut 64 is one of the most beautiful luxury yachts that you will find. With a beautiful exterior and speed that is designed to effortlessly glide across the beautiful waters, you will soon find yourself lost behind the wheel on an adventure you’ll never want to end.

Azimut 64 Azimut 64

What is perfect about this craft is that it is designed with a strong fiberglass body along with carbon fiber that makes sure it can handle a decent amount of weight on stress on the boat. Along with this, it is powerfully propelled with a duo of Caterpillar 1150 engines which are designed to remain strong while consuming less fuel.

For the person that demands more space inside of their yacht, they will find that the interior is considerably more spacious than similar models. There are two quarters on the interior a VIP set of rooms in addition to the owner’s rooms. In the VIP cabin bathrooms are typically small and crowded, but with the Azimut 64 we find that they compare to the room of the ship’s owners.

Azimut 64 Azimut 64

Another great feature about these boats is the additional storage space you can find in them. In both the owner and VIP cabin there is storage space that is located under the beds. Along with that the crew cabins are more spacious and livable since there may be long periods spent out on the waters.

Normally there is only a single way to access cockpits, but the Azimut 64 has been crafted to be an upgrade which means there are two ways you can access it, and this cockpit is far bigger than similar models on the market. The cabin door for the crew is secure and can only be opened with an electronic control. In addition there are handrails that help to protect the guests on the boat, and a Class A safety system that can handle no matter the storm the sea can throw at you.

Azimut 64 Azimut 64

For the interior of the rooms there is an amazing level of class and quality. You will find that the wood for the furniture have been crafted from oak and done with a brown lacquered finish. In addition, the covers the various tables, shelves, furniture and more are done in natural leather. Everything is placed in a concise area that makes perfect sense, without the need for space wasters and unnecessary tables and shelving units that some yachts find they have.

Finally the interior is full of state of the art products as well. This can range from cook tops to marble in the bathrooms and more. It really is a luxurious space that is designed for those who deserve the very best from their yacht.

Azimut 64 Azimut 64

If you are in the market for the best yacht you can find, the Azimut 64 can certainly deliver on that. It is spacious and comfortable and a unit that demands attention. Take some time to explore all the upgrades and options that are available for this unit, and begin enjoying the sea today.

Specification of the Azimut 64:

Length Overall: 66 m
Beam: 5.23 m/17.16 ft
Draft: 1.3 m/4.27 ft
Dry Weight: 35 t
Hull Material: GRP

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