Superyacht Gattopardo VI Launched By CBI Navi

By on August 20, 2010
Gattopardo VI

The superyacht identified among those in the industry as the Gattopardo VI was officially introduced in the month of April in the year of 2010. It was released by the Italian based shipyard CBI Navi. The naval based architecture of the amazing water vessel and the overall design of the superyacht comes from a business that is avid about yacht construction. The company’s name is Jaron Ginton. The amazing artistic quality and sheer perplexity of the design of this yacht, which is encased in the highest grades of both aluminum as well as steel, is simply amazing. In this guide, you will learn about the amazing Gattopardo VI.

Gattopardo VI

The specifications of the Gattopardo VI are drawing the attention of many individuals and businesses that are interested in luxury yachts. The overall length of this beautiful boat is an amazing 39.20 meters. The width comes in at 8.40 meters, which means that it has the capability to float through water with ease.

This yacht is powered by two engines CAT C32. In addition to a basic engine, the Gattopardo VI also contains a generator as a backup power supply. There are actually two individual generators that combine to provide an intense degree of backup power. These units are identified as CAT KW 86 and CAT KW 51. If you are interested in high powered luxury yachts with an intense degree of artistic flair, you are sure to enjoy the Gattopardo VI.

Gattopardo VI

The Gattopardo VI has origins that date back to the year of 2006. In that year, the group CBI Navi released a yacht by the name of Metsuyan IV Yacht. This was an amazing water vessel for its time as far as overall size and design is concerned. That particular yacht was thirty six meters in length. It has been established that the company decided that they needed to revamp that particular design into something bigger and better. As a result, the Gattopardo VI was created. Gattopardo VI

There are many amazing features that are part of this luxury yacht. The following outlines some of the enhancements that have been made to the 2006 design in order to make it more appealing to those that are interested in yachts:

* First, this water vessel has the capability of accommodating up to ten individuals that are guests. Of course, this is just in one area known as the “Owner’s Suite”. It also contains a total of four decks that are considered to be doubles.

* This superyacht has the capability of traveling at a rate of fourteen knots. However, the cruising speed is a comfortable ten knows. In total, this ship can travel an amazing seven thousand miles at an average speed of seven knots – which is wonderful as far as luxury water travel and comfort is concerned.

* This luxury yacht is powered by diesel fuel. This makes traveling on the water vessel much more inexpensive than that associated with yachts that incorporate the use of standard fuel.

If you are interested in luxury yachts, you are sure to enjoy the details and luxuries associated with the Gattopardo VI.

Specification of the Gattopardo VI:

Length Overall: 39.20 m/128.61 ft
Beam: 8.35 m/27.40 ft
Draught Max: 2.35 m/7.71 ft
Hull Material: Steel
Superstructure: Aluminium
Engines: 2 x Caterpillar Inc C32, 1,700 HP, 1,268 KW total
Max Speed: 14 knots
Cruise Speed: 10 knots
Range: 4,200
Fuel Capacity: 56,000 l/14,795 gal
Water Capacity: 6,350 l/1,678 gal
Guests: 10
Crew: 8
Naval Architect: Ginton Naval Architects
Exterior Designer: Ginton Naval Architects
Interior Designer: CBI Navi

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