YXL Yacht Show Layer: The Perfect Tool For All Players In The Super Yacht Industry

By on August 12, 2010
YXL Yacht show layer

The yachting industry has now transitioned to the digital world with the implementation of the reality application took that is called the YXL Yacht Show Layer. This specially designed application assists those that elect to visit yacht shows.

There are many benefits associated with this application that is geared towards yacht enthusiasts. Individuals that frequent yacht shows will be able to receive real time information pertaining to the events occurring at the event. Individuals that have this application will be able to see the various events through the camera function that is located on their mobile device.

The YXL Yacht Show Layer application uses a special type of technology that is identified as “Augmented Reality”. This technology is considered to be the first type of its kind in the entire world. Fortunately, those that take an avid interest in the yacht industry are the first that get to enjoy this technology. The application actually takes your location according to the GPS feature on your mobile device and then highlights and displays those events that are in close proximity to you.

Roy and Maik van Zoggel, founders of YachtsXL.com are both convinced that this layer is the perfect tool for suppliers and consumers in the super yacht industry to gain the most out of your yacht show experience “ It brings real time and on demand information to a mobile environment,” says Roy. “We offer the yacht show visitors a digital guide, while exhibitors will get more opportunities to generate significant quality leads with their yacht show participation.”

The following highlights the benefits of using the application known as the YXL Yacht Show Layer:

* You have the capability of acquiring real time information about the yachts that are located at the show that you attend, as well as the companies that are present at the event. This information includes the specifications of the yachts as well as the companies that feature the line of yachts that are present at the event.

* There are many instances in which there are videos that are available to those that attend the yachting festival and/or event. These videos may feature those that sponsor the yachts or the yachts themselves.

* There is a filtering option that allows individuals to sort through all the events that are present at the event so that they may discover those that interest them more than the others that do not interest them.

* There are many representatives and brokers that attend yachting festivals that are present to assist the yacht enthusiasts that attend the show. The YXL Yacht Show Layer application will assist individuals in calling these individuals so that they may obtain the information that they desire regarding the products, services, and events located at the show.

* In addition to providing information about the yacht show in general, this yachting industry application will also provide information about the locations that are near the event. Examples include restaurants, hotel accommodations, and even nearby attractions.

This technological media source is considered to be one of the newest and most innovative options to those that enjoy attending yacht shows and similar events. If you are interested in enjoying the capability of viewing detailed information about the yacht companies, luxury yachts, and individuals that are present at the yacht show that you attend, you will find that the YXL Yacht Show Layer application is highly productive to your endeavors.

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