The Flying Yacht Concept By Yelken Octuri

By on August 9, 2010
The Flying Yacht

One of the newer innovative concepts on the market today has to do with a sailing yacht, which can turn into a plane. It is referred to as a flying yacht. Ultimately, they are considered as the aircraft of the future.

In general, many of the interior designers working for the airlines usually never step over the line into designing for superyachts. Usually, most of the superyacht designers are more likely to start designing for the airlines than the other way around. Yelken Octuri however is an anomaly to what most refer to as common.

The Flying Yacht The Flying Yacht The Flying Yacht

For the most part, he has primarily designed the interior for Airbus. Presently, he has released a Flying Yacht concept, which has peaked many peoples interest. This includes the Paris Musee de l’Air et de l’Escapace as well.

The current concept consists of four mobile masts, situated as retractable on a 46-metre yacht, which sails. The lowering of the four masts enables them to become wings and therefore transforms the boat into a plane. More specifically, this would the design would consist of two central masts, which four shrouds would sit on top of and by lowering these the sails would retract into storage compartments within the masts.

The Flying Yacht The Flying Yacht The Flying Yacht

In order to power the flying yacht for flight, four dual propeller engines equipped with Nissen and Brasseur powerheads would be on board. According to the rough concept, the flying yacht would consist of two main decks in addition to having two half decks. One of the half decks would be located in the aft, while the other would be located in the fore, primarily for the cockpits use.

As for access to the inside, this would take place through two doors that were located above the aft floats. The main room’s location would consist of the lower deck, with additional amenities, such as a kitchen, toilet, in addition to a storage room. The windows at this level would be just above the water.

The Flying Yacht The Flying Yacht The Flying Yacht

As for the upper deck, plans consist of having three rooms in addition to a bathroom. Currently, the flying yacht is nothing more than a dream. It is a concept of a dream in which Octuri has admitted to not spending a lot of time thinking about considerations with engineering. However, he hopes that this can lead others to opening their minds to imagination and the types of things that can come.

Although, the current concept of a flying yacht is nothing more than dreams and fantasies, it is the hopes and imaginations of others who have the capacity to create the types of things people never thought as possible. Without these types of outlandish ideas, most of the things that exist today would not be. We have and ultimately will continue to need people who think outside the box. They are the people who create, and those who solve, they are the innovators of society and the pages within history.

The Flying Yacht The Flying Yacht The Flying Yacht

Specification of the Flying Yacht:

Boat Mode:

Length: 46,2 m
Width: 27 m
Rigging: 4 masts
Height: 50,7 m
Height of masts: 40,6 m
Surface of the sails: 1302 m² (sails + masts surface)

Plane Mode:

Wingspan: 90,4 m
Height: 27,6 m
Engines: “Nissen & Brasseur”
Engine power: 4 x 5400 ch
Maximum speed: 390 km/h

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