Soraya 70: The Perfect Example Of A 21st Century Kind Of Yacht

By on August 5, 2010
Soraya 70

Among the yet to-be built Soraya Yachts, the Soraya 70 yacht will definitely be one of its most elegant models. Soraya has once again teamed up with Uniellé Yacht Design studio to make a water motor yacht that is marvelous.

The founder of the Uniellé Yacht Design, Jure Bukavec, who also designed the Soraya 46, is the brains behind the Soraya 70. His intention is to design a water vessel that has grace, class and style. In addition, it will be a state-of-the-art yacht in design and construction as well as one full of elegance for any owner to be proud to own.

Since the Soraya 70 is still in the design stage, the closest sample of the real thing is the Soraya 46, a model that is currently under construction. The Soraya 46 measures about 46.5 meters in length and has four decks in it. Its structure is made from aluminum while its hull is made of welded steel. The yacht contains four guest cabins equipped with modern entertainment technology. The owner’s suite measures 54m² while the saloon is about 70m². It also has a helipad and a Jacuzzi. It is estimated that this yacht will be able to cruise at speeds of about 16 knots.

Soraya 70

The Soraya 70, on the other hand, will be a long yacht measuring up to 70 meters in length alone. It comes equipped with very attractive features such as a swimming pool, a helipad, spacious entertainment and social rooms to entertain guests and hold parties in. It has two decks that overlook the sea where your guests can relax as they sunbathe. The full owner’s deck is quite impressive in itself. It has a large terrace that contains a helipad measuring 10 meters in diameter.

Soraya 70

On the opposite side of the helipad is a beautiful swimming pool that measures six meters in length. It has been built on the lower sundeck, which is the longer of the two decks. The shorter sundeck is just above the longer one and overlooks the ocean and the swimming pool. The Jacuzzi pool of Soraya 70 measures 2.3 m.

Soraya 70

Perhaps, one of the most impressive features of this yacht will be the large and spacious entertainment rooms and saloons. One outstanding feature in these saloons is the glass windows. The Soraya 70 will have full height vertical windows that will provide an exceptional view of the ocean. The ceilings of the saloons are also big, measuring up to 3.6 meters. This mega yacht will be a graceful, towering yacht to behold.

Soraya 70

Currently, the Soraya 46 is being worked upon and by all standards, it is superb. The Soraya 70 is expected to surpass this and be the perfect example of a 21st century kind of yacht; a yacht that is not only well designed, but also comes equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology. It will be truly an impressive product from the combined efforts of Uniellé Yacht Design studio and Soraya Yachts.

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