Werner 30: Elegant Motor Yacht By Werner Yacht Design

By on July 27, 2010

The Werner Yacht Design started at the beginning of 1997. Initially, they worked on approaching the design differently from other types that were out there. Primarily they sought out different ways in which they could avoid having the interior of the boat dictate the way the outside would look. In addition, they did not want the styling to dictate the outcome, but rather act as the starting point for the design created.

Therefore, styling always took precedence in the creation of the yachts. Each time, both the exterior and interior layouts were styled at the same time. At no time was one preferred over the other.

Anytime a client is worked with, the best style is chosen according to their taste and then applied consistently in the boats design so that it sings in harmony. Additionally, limitations are always respected according to the size of the human body when the interior is designed. Anytime, it is not feasible to fit all that a client wishes, generally the preferred option is to scale up the design of the yacht.

In general, the addition of a small amount in relation to the yacht length can often make a huge difference in relation to the way that the boat looks within the interior. In addition, the hull and superstructure lines continue to look good. As a result, all of the styling and designs result in a beautiful and stunning result.

The original design of the 30 metre Werner yacht was to consist of a length consisting of a max length of 100 ft. However, the design was not long enough in order to incorporate a tri deck design. It was decided that the inclusion of the tri deck design would risk the graceful and elegant design.

However, the Werner decided to adopt the raised pilothouse concept so that it would not lose elegance and grace. In addition, the yacht did not have enough length for a tri deck concept like the 105 Werner tri deck motor yacht.

Ultimately, the raised pilothouse consists of a complex interior and construction within its layouts that is a designer’s worst nightmare. Furthermore, Werner made the decision to make the bridge as large of the typical tri deck yacht. Currently, the Werner Yacht design is a well-established name. They have become known for their superior design and quality.

In the beginning, many of their focuses consisted of the classics and retros, therefore they have a large amount of knowledge in regards to boats designed within the 1920′s and 1930′s. In addition, they have the capacity to design any type of style, as well as incorporate a large amount of detail within the design.

Mainly, there are two rules that are followed throughout the design process. First off, they consider as much as they can in regards to the preliminary design, while considering any kinds of issues they may face. At that time, all issues are faced and then followed with the second part of the process, which involves dividing the process of designing into four stages. This way the customer always gets the kind of yacht they want.

Specification of the Werner 30:

Length over all: 30.00 m/98 ft
Length waterline: 26.28 m
Draft: 2.20 m
Beam: 7.15 m
Maximum speed: 13 knots

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