The New Canados 100 Flybridge Motor Yacht

By on July 12, 2010
Canados 100

The New Canados 100 Flybridge motor yacht is the newest and coolest yacht designed and styled by Carlo Galeazzi and built by master yacht manufacturer Canados of Italy. Canados has been in the business of building watercraft for more than sixty years starting with manufacturing watercraft for the Coast Guard as well as other military organizations, and the Harbour Master. Luckily for those who invest in excellence and performance watercraft Canados now designs and builds them for the discerning buyer.

Canados 100 Canados 100

The New Canados 100 Flybridge motor yacht is certainly no exception to the excellence and quality that exemplifies the name Canados. This superyacht is the first of the ship builder in the flybridge range and boasts many very nice features. The extremely modern furniture is orientated diagonally in the flybridge and features a Jacuzzi as well as two living/dining areas. Another obvious feature of the flybridge design is the aerodynamic design of the structure, which allows for a sportier look as well as adding the benefit of less drag do to air flow.

Canados 100 Canados 100

The interior of the Canados 100 Flybridge has a host of features that will definitely make sure that you will have all of the latest creature comforts such as ultra modern furnishings, state of the art technologies, and the Boffi designed galley. The interior of the 100 is designed with the idea of maximizing the ships interior volume incorporating the dining and living areas on the main deck. There is also many entertainment features on board the Canados 100 including entertainment systems and internet capability. The Boffi galley is the perfect place to satisfy your culinary appetite, and every possible need or want has already been considered. You can also access the exterior from the main deck.

Canados 100 Canados 100

The lower deck of the 100 houses the cabins for up to ten people with up to five cabins. Luxury has certainly not been left out on the lower deck either. The passenger cabins are all well appointed and incorporated in the interior design of this superyacht. These cabins can come with large comfortable beds, great entertainment systems offering televisions, DVD, and music players, as well as internet connections for your laptop computers. The shower and toileting facilities are excellent and roomy also. The crew is housed forward of the main and lower deck on the 100 keeping guest and crew quarters separated.

Canados 100 Canados 100

The exterior hull design of the Canados 100 Flybridge Motor Yacht is comprised of a laminate using a hybrid technique that guarantees the quality by controlling the reinforcing fibers within the laminate. This design and technique insures a much lighter hull resulting in greater performance and finish. Another new hull design idea that Carlo Galeazzi came up with utilizes a series of rectangular and square windows, which give the Canados 100 a nice contemporary look. The yacht also incorporates terraces that fold down, which add greatly to its updated design.

Last but most certainly not least is the power that pushes this beautifully crafted superyacht through the water. Twin 2600 MTU motors power the 100, and these extremely powerful engines can achieve and maybe even exceed 31 knots with a 26-knot cruising speed. This exciting 31.8-meter craft with 7 meters at her beam only draws 2.4 meters, which add to performance quality and give the passengers a comfortable ride. The first of the Canados 100 Flybridge yachts is expected to be delivered to its customer sometime around the summer of 2012.

Specification of the superyacht Canados 100 Flybridge:

Length over all: 91.3 m
Beam: 24.00 m
Draft: 7.6 m
Gross tonnage: 180 Rt
Displacement: 120 t

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