The 65m Superyacht Snake One By AvaDesign

By on July 12, 2010
Superyacht Snake I

What is the new design for the 64 and a half meter superyacht called the Snake One? Well this five story behemoth created by designer Fabio Cardinale of Avadesign is softened by wide expanses of glass, including the 8 meter picture window in the owner’s suite.

There are also large community areas, with horizontal lines that help avoid a stacked deck look. The Sundeck has been changed so it doesn’t overhang the main deck. But even with all of these changes, the Snake One superyacht is still one heck of a ship.

Superyacht Snake I Superyacht Snake I

There are many things that are going to make the Snake One totally unique from other yacht designs. It will be made from a predetermined design plan, out of steel and aluminum. The exterior lines even look like a snake poised to strike, and this alone will give it a powerful presence, whether on the open ocean, or moored in a marina or harbor. This superyacht is going to be most known for it’s external as well as internal spaciousness, and there is no better examples that the extra large sun deck which provides extra privacy, but maximizes the natural sunlight. There is going to be a three by five meter swimming pool in stern area, and the length of the yacht has already been extended by another two meters for technical reasons.

Superyacht Snake I Superyacht Snake I

To utilize as much light as possible, the pool with also have a glass panel, facing the beach club area, or swimming deck so that is allows for the most illumination from the sun reflecting of the water when the ship is moored and the door open for activities. What does this translate too? It means that when the boat is docked either at a marina, or anchored off shore, and the aft doors are open, you can swim in the on board pool while you are enjoying views of the ocean, the marina, and anything that is happening on the activities deck, and those who are there can see you swimming around.

Superyacht Snake I Superyacht Snake I

That is not the only thing that makes the Snake One a little off the top when it comes to design and space. For the next example, let’s look at the owner’s state room. To call it spacious doesn’t do it justice. As mentioned earlier, there is an 8 meter by two meter window looking out on the ocean, and while that in itself is one of a kind, consider that the owner’s quarters is ninety square meters, taking up most of the main deck the other space is comprised of the lounge and entertainment space, also adorned with these large overly spacious windows.

Superyacht Snake I Superyacht Snake I

The owner’s suite has a large kind sized bed, and includes a jacuzzi right in the middle of the apartment area, with two very unusual chairs that appear to be part of the glass walls. There are walk in closets, a separate entertaining area, and a grand and full sized bathroom, just to name a few of the luxuries that are afforded here. On the other side, in the lounge and entertainment area, there is not only ample dining and relaxing spaces, but also a grand piano. In between is the spacious galley with cooking facilities to feed an army.

Specification of the superyacht Snake One:

Length over all: 64.50 m/211’61″
Hull material: steel
Superstructure: aluminium
Propulsion: twin screw

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