Kokomo: The Largest And Stylish Sailing Yacht From New Zealand

By on May 4, 2010

The dry statistics of the elegant and sumptuously designed Kokomo can hardly live up to the reality of this incredible brand new superyacht by Alloy Yachts. This is touted as their largest superyacht to date measuring 58.4 meters and without a doubt it is the most elegant and practical to date. Each time they build a yacht Alloy improves on lessons learned from the last. These are hardly formula or template sailing vessels but incorporate state of the art designs, equipment and technology and marry it to style and luxury.


“This is the third yacht we are proud to have built for these clients, from the elegant, performance-oriented designs from Dubois Naval Architects. With each vessel, the owners, Ed Dubois and the Alloy Yachts team have reached new heights of excellence with the design, technology, engineering, performance and quality”, – says Tony Hambrook, Managing Director of Alloy Yachts.

“Alloy Yachts understands sailing yachts and have pioneered many sailing yacht systems. They first built a Dubois-designed yacht in 1989 when they had 30 people. Now they have over 430 people and have moved into a wonderful area when they can deliver 100 per cent on the design, - says Dubois. – Kokomo is a landmark by anyone’s standards, but a particular landmark for us - the 20th Dubois design built by Alloy Yachts. They have done an incredible job, and the new Kokomo is the manifestation of all their experience and understanding. She is also the largest sailing yacht we have put in the water at this time.”


Combining more luxurious spacious cabins (courtesy of her longer hull length) and well-appointed interiors with a practical sailing yacht is no mean feat, but the Alloy superyachts are known for just that. The Kokomo set out to break all records for New Zealand and did just that it is not only the largest super yacht launched by Alloy but also has the largest mast created to date in New Zealand. The Southern mast is an amazing 74.3m tall. The Mainsail on the Kokomo is 883m, the Genoa is 1,151 meters and the Gennaker is 2,227 square meters and holds the distinction of being the largest every produced by Doyle’s.

Kokomo Kokomo

The navigation on the bridge of Superyacht Kokomo is state of the art but can be artfully hidden when not in use. With wooden cabinets decided to slide down and completely disguise the technogical aspects of the room.

Sophistication is the name of the game with the Superyacht Kokomo and its sleek black hull contrasted by the startling white superstructure give it simple elegance that is mirrored by every detail in the interior and exterior of this superyacht.

Kokomo Kokomo Kokomo Kokomo

The Kokomo draws a little less than five meters when the keel is down and over 8 meters when the keel is up. This is due to an innovation for Alloy, the raise/lower keel where the keel runs through the center of the ship and the entire bulb of the keel can be raised and lowered. The submarine anchors were designed with the high standards of quality and sophistication demanded by Alloy in all their yachts. Manson anchors are used but customized so that the anchors are exactly positioned when retracted and the closure to be almost seamless.

Kokomo Kokomo

It is this attention to even the smallest of details that give the yachts by Alloy the prestige, and has elevated the name Alloy to one synonymous with luxury. It would do no good to make the most elegant of interiors when the yacht is impractical and Alloy yachts are anything but impractical marrying the artistry of the designer with the skills of a yacht maker. The ambition with the Kokomo as to make a yacht the exceeded any others in terms of interior style and yet was practical for sailing in any weather conditions. They have succeeded once again and each superyacht produced by Alloy outshines the last and just when you think they can do no better Alloy brings out yet another better than the one before.

Kokomo Kokomo Kokomo Kokomo

Specification of the Kokomo:

LOA: 58.4m (191.6ft)
LWL: 51.5m (169.5ft)
Beam: 10.9m (35.8ft)
Draft (keel raised): 4.9m (16.1ft)
Displacement: 450 tonnes
Sails: Doyle Sails
Sail Area: 1914 sq. m
Mast and Boom: Southern Spars, Carbon fibre, in-boom furling
Furlers: Reckmann
Winches: Alloy Yachts captive reel and vertical
Main Engines: 2 x Caterpillar diesel C18 ‘D’ rated 872hp
Gear Boxes: 2 x ZF 2300 reversing gearbox @ 4.44:1
Propellers: 2 x Hundested variable pitch
Bow thrusters: American Bow Thruster TRAC II 28”ø 150hp (hydraulic)
Generators: 2 x 69kw Caterpillar C4.4 69kw

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