Oceanco PA122 Superyacht Concept: Innovative Design And Advanced Technologies

By on March 31, 2010
Oceanco PA122

At the prestigious Abu Dhabi Boat Show in 2010, renowned yacht builder Oceanco unveiled a new line of exciting projects including their PA122 superyacht concept.

At this year’s latest boat show, the Oceanco stand was a bustle with activity with a full range of yachts beginning with 60 meters and ending with the 120 meter size, such as the PA 122, whose stunning exterior was designed by Nuvolari and Lenard.

Oceanco PA122

Like all of Oceanco’s projects, the PA 122 offers an innovative design, environmentally smart engineering, and the very latest advanced technologies.

The elegant PA 122 includes a number of notable amenities including a completely glass elevator that rises from the yacht’s deck up to the landing pad for the helicopter. The helicopter’s deck includes a full bridge offering an impressive vista of 270 degrees, a telescopic hanger complete with air conditioning, and a certified landing area near the ship’s forward tip, making it a rather well equipped yacht.

The elevator isn’t the only area where glass is featured prominently in the PA 122 as the material appears in the most unlikely of places, adding a unique touch to the already beautiful aesthetics of the yacht.

With a steel hull and an angular aluminum superstructure, the PA 122 sports a uniquely memorable appearance as aft are the luxurious living quarters and places for recreational activities while forward of the yacht are its mechanics and purposeful areas.

While the PA 122 is designed to effortlessly handle long journeys, she will also be built for the ultimate in luxury. Capable of accommodating four owners, 24 of their guests and a full crew of 43 persons, the PA 122 offers Oceanco’s classic interior beauty, stylish designs, decks with wide, open spaces and also a swimming pool for guests to enjoy.

The yacht will be powered by an environmentally responsible hybrid propulsion system, which will result in fewer emissions and ensure the minimum in fuel consumption. Consisting of four different MTU engines, the engines, a PTO, PTI, and two E-motors will allow the PA 122 to reach speeds of up to 21 knots.

PA 122 Superyacht Concept Specifications at a Glance:

Yacht Type: Motor
Length Overall: 120 m (393.70 ft)
Hull Material: Steel
Superstructure: Aluminum
Shipyard Builder: Oceanco
Exterior Designer: Nuvolari & Lenard
Engines: 4 MTU engines
Fuel Type: Diesel
Maximum Speed: 21 knots
Accommodations: Up to 28 guests, 43 crew members

Because the PA 122 is still in its concept stage, these specifications are likely to change once the building phase commences.

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