The 50 Planing Motor Sailor Concept

By on March 4, 2010
50 Planing Motor Sailor

The 50 Planing Motor Sailor (PMS) was the proud winner of the 2009 Millennium Yacht Design Award in Carrara, Italy as the best sailing yacht in its professional category. Credit for the beautiful but unconventional design of the yacht belongs to BYD: Barcelona Yacht Design Group, a company with much international experience in the nautical world.

50 Planing Motor Sailor

BYD Group is comprised of experienced naval architects, engineers, and designers, both for the interior and the exterior, as well as a list of collaborative professionals who all come together to create sophisticated yachts that are recognized all over the globe.

50 Planing Motor Sailor

Intended to serve as a warm-water charter boat, the 50 Planing Motor Sailor offers wide open spaces and comfortable interior. On deck of the PMS are the main saloon and galley areas while located down below are the boat’s heads and cabins, and twin sun pads flank the motoryacht both forward and aft.

50 Planing Motor Sailor

Whether she’s under sail or using the two, outboard 300 horsepower engines, the PMS powered by its hybrid hull is designed to deliver the ultimate in performance with maximum speeds of up to 20 knots.

50 Planing Motor Sailor

With all of the benefits of a sail boat and the power of a motor boat, the 50 Planing Motor Sailor is undoubtedly one of the best in its class.

50 Planing Motor Sailor

50 Planing Motor Sailor Specifications at a Glance:

Length: 15.65 m
Beam: 4.13 m
Draft: 2.5 m
DSPL: 13,300 Kg
Fuel Capacity: 500 l
Engine: 2 x 300 hp
Construction: Glass/Polyester

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