Numarine 130 WB Superyacht: Progressive Design And Great Speed

By on January 25, 2010
Numarine 130 WB

The popular Turkish yacht construction company Numarine has recently presented the design plans for the 130 WB superyacht. This is a monumental event for this company considering the fact that this particular luxury yacht is the largest ever created by the company. Numarine released the design plans in order to determine if the public and those interested in the world of yachts would be interested. The sleek, carefully contoured design captured the hearts of these individuals. Now, after an extended period of production on the backend of the design, the 130 WB superyacht is officially ready for full construction.

The 130 WB luxury yacht ranks in at an amazing 40 meters when it comes to the overall length. If you evaluate the beam of the boat, you will discover that it is quite large – a very distinguished 8.5 meters total.

Numarine 130 WB

The cabin that is designed to accommodate the owner of the water vessel, combined with the highly outfitted saloon onboard covers the entire span of the yacht as far as width is concerned. In the master cabin of the 130 WB luxury yacht, you will discover a beautiful balcony. In the saloon area of the yacht, there are a total of two balconies. At the aft section of the luxury yacht, you will discover a beautifully designed beach deck where guests may enjoy getting a little sun or socializing.

The company that designed this luxury yacht has left a little room for the owner to play with as far as overall customization of the yacht. Those that purchase this yacht may determine where they want the main galley to be located. Depending on the specifications made on this arrangement, there may be four to five beautifully designed cabins integrated into the luxury yacht. There are many accommodations for the captain of the yacht as well as the crew members. There is one suite for the captain that comes with a bathroom. The crew cabins total three and have double type beds for comfort. These cabins also have built in bathrooms.

Numarine 130 WB

If you are interested in luxury liners, you will find that this particular model is highly appealing – both inside and outside. This superyacht is created in such a fashion that the cruising and maximum speeds are relatively high. It is also optimized so that the performance of the yacht does not require a large amount of fuel. In today’s world, it is nice to have something fresh and appealing. Innovation is also regarded as highly important.

If you are in the market for a water vessel that can be used privately, or in a commercial setting, you will find that the Numarine 130 WB luxury superyacht is the way to go!

Specification of the Numarine 130 WB:

Length Overall: 131.23 ft/40.00 m
Length On Deck: 128.61 ft/39.20 m
Beam: 27.89 ft/8.5 m
Draught Max: 5.91 ft/1.80 m
Hull Material: GRP
Displacement: 170 t
Power: Twin MTU 3,140 HP/2,341 KW each
Max Speed: 27 knots
Cruise Speed: 22 knots
Fuel Capacity: 5,284 gallons/20,000 liters
Water Capacity: 793 gallons/3,000 liters

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