Azimut Leonardo 100: Sheer Elegance At Sea

By on January 19, 2010
Azimut Leonardo 100

The Azimut Leonardo 100 is a superyacht that is currently drawing the attention of yacht enthusiasts worldwide. This particular yacht places a high emphasis on innovative space structure and a high level of appeal.

Azimut Leonardo 100

When evaluating the main deck area, you will be pleased to find that it measures in at an amazing thirty meters from the stern to the area of the bow. When it comes to luxurious living and simple elegance, this particular yacht is among the highest rated. In this yacht guide, you will learn about the specifications and features associated with the new, advanced Azimut Leonardo 100.

Azimut Leonardo 100

The overall length of the Azimut Leonardo is an amazing 30.75 meters. The length of the hull measures 30.45 meters in length. When you measure the beam at the main location, you will find that it is 6.8 meters overall. The draft measures in just under that at an amazing 2.01 meters.

Azimut Leonardo 100

The total displacement of the Azimut Leonardo 100 comes in at a hefty one hundred tons total. The cruising speed is averaged at twenty nine nautical miles and the maximum speed comes in at thirty two nautical miles. This particular superyacht has the capability of holding 10,980 liters total.

Azimut Leonardo 100

There are two amazing engines located within the Azimut Leonardo 100. These are identified as “2216 MPH 1630 KW MTU-V16 2000 M92″. The water capacity measures in at an amazing 1800 liters.

Azimut Leonardo 100

There are four main cabins onboard this luxury yacht. There are also four main head compartments on the yacht. Furthermore, there are eight unique berths on the water vessel. When evaluating the inside of this luxury yacht, you will be absolutely fascinated at the beautiful interior design that is incorporated. By using natural, earth tone colors such as various types of browns, creams, and similar colors, the interior is both luxurious and stylishly comfortable.

Azimut Leonardo 100 Azimut Leonardo 100 Azimut Leonardo 100 Azimut Leonardo 100

As you move through the luxury yacht, you will quickly find that there are many detailed living areas that are comfortable, spacious, and designed with intricate detail. There is a large dining area that is surrounded by a beautiful, open view of the waters that you are traveling upon.

There is also a beautifully designed living room area that has the capability of accommodating several guests at once. There are plenty of windows in and around the luxury yacht so that plenty of light gets in the water vessel.

Azimut Leonardo 100 Azimut Leonardo 100 Azimut Leonardo 100 Azimut Leonardo 100

On the upper deck, there are many special accommodations that assist individuals that are traveling onboard the yacht. You will discover stylish beds and couches out of high quality mats and other accessories. In addition to this, there are also many different tables and other accessories that offer travelers both luxury and convenience.

Azimut Leonardo 100 Azimut Leonardo 100 Azimut Leonardo 100 Azimut Leonardo 100

If you are interested in luxury yachts or superyachts, the Azimut Leonardo 100 is sure to appeal to your senses.

Specifications of the Azimut Leonardo 100 superyacht:

Length overall (incl. pulpit): 100’10″
Hull length (incl. platform): 99’11″
Beam (at main section): 22’3″
Draft (incl. props at full load): 6’7″
Displacement (at full load): 100 t
Engines: 2 x 2216 mHP (1630 kW) MTU V16 2000 M92
Maximum Speed (at half load): 32 knots
Cruising speed (at half load): 29 knots
Fuel capacity: 2.901 US gls
Water capacity: 476 US gls
Cabins: 4 + crew
Berths: 8 + crew
Head compartments: 4 + crew
Building material: GRP
Keel: V-Shape with angle of deadrise 12,3° aft
Exterior styling & concept: Stefano Righini
Interior designer: Azimut
Builder: Azimut

And now let’s see a short video about Azimut Leonardo 100 launch in Sardegna’s most fashionable marina, Porto Cervo:

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