Leviathan: Following The New Trend Of Eco Boats In The Yachting Industry

By on January 8, 2010

The Leviathan is the newest concept presented to the yacht industry. It is considered to be an “environmentally correct” luxury yacht as it emits absolutely no emissions due to the fact that it operates by the power of the sun and the wind.


The designer of this eco-friendly yacht is Adam Valmassoi from Detroit, MI. This particular individual believes in prioritizing motor yachts in such a way that the environment comes first. He has designed the Leviathan to be completely self-sufficient. It is equipped with two engines that have jet pumps on them that will allow them to utilize the power that is generated by the turbines that are built into the superstructure, as well as the solar panels on the water vessel.

Leviathan Leviathan Leviathan

In evaluating the two decks of the eco motor yacht, you will find that there numerous solar panels that are exceptionally large. The decks are actually lined with them. Fortunately, they are strong enough that the passengers onboard are actually supported without damaging the panels. These solar panels work to capture the energy that is naturally emitted by the sun. In addition to the panels, there is an innovative turbine that is able to capture the energy of the wind – regardless of what direction it is blowing. The energy from the wind is then converted into electrical energy to power the water vessel. If it detects that there is a full charge on the electrical system, the turbine actually becomes what is called “flush” with the yacht’s superstructure.

Leviathan Leviathan

If you look at the design of the superstructure of the eco-friendly yacht, you will discover that it is composed of a material that is referred to as “polypropylene”. This material makes up nearly 100% of the yacht as a whole. The actual hull of the luxury yacht is composed of this material and it is connected together with the superstructure in a design that is often referred to as a “floorboard”. In putting all the pieces of this particular water vessel together, the engineers used a unique type of welding that is referred to as “Laser Welding”. This type of weld help to make the structure fit in such a way that there are no concerns for leakage or other complications associated with the superstructure’s engineering.

Leviathan Leviathan

If you evaluate the area where the boat keel is located, you will notice the jet based pump engines on the yacht. These engines are electric, but they are powered by energy that is emitted from the sun and energy that is emitted from the wind. Additionally, there are lithium batteries in the engines that help to keep them stabilized during times in which the boat is considered to be fully charged. There are generators onboard the luxury yacht that work to provide power to the batteries. When evaluating the environmentally friendly yachts on the market today, you will quickly find that eco friendly yachts are in high demand.


The Leviathan is one motor boat that is sure to appeal to those wanting to go green while cruising by water!

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