Orcageno: Innovative Stylish 60m Superyacht

By on January 4, 2010

Inspired by the sperm whale and orca, a killer whale and one of the ocean’s fiercest predators, the Orcageno 60m (197ft) axe-bow superyacht driven by a hydrogen-diesel, internal combustion engine is both stylish and innovative. The streamlined body of the superyacht resembling the sperm whale is what creates its impressive hydrodynamic qualities.


Pharos Marine, based out of Egypt, has in fact, unveiled the Orcageno hydrogen diesel-electric hybrid superyacht. The superyacht’s slender hull with its axe bow provides lower resistance because of its lower entry angle in the water, which also helps to minimize things like wave slamming, hull wake, and offers a smoother sail in general. This sleeker design also benefits the environment with a lessened impact on marine life and shoreline erosion.


The actual design of the superyacht isn’t the only environmentally friendly feature as the use of hydrogen fuel eliminates the output of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, leaving no carbon footprint behind.

The interior of the Orcageno is directly reminiscent of the sleek design of the hull with the ideas for the design based on detail, functionality, and linearity. The upper level of the superyacht houses the bridge where the captain will have the widest view of the waters ahead, and the captain’s cabin is situated right next to the bridge for convenience.


Step inside the owner’s cabin and be transported to a world of luxury and endless comfort as well as access to an open-air lounging area. Here, there are two side openings so that guests have a prime view of the ocean while either relaxing or when having a formal dining experience.

The forward portion of the Orcageno houses the dining room, which boasts a phenomenal view of the stylishly modern swimming pool located on the superyacht’s lower level with the area encompassing two full levels. The pool is highlighted by a glass sunroof that opens and closes hydraulically.


In the upper pool area guests can gaze through the glass window that may either be partially or fully opened for a view of both the ocean and the pool. After dusk, guests will be able to swim in the pool’s warm waters illuminated with spotlights that cast a romantic glow down from the sunroof.

Down on the lower level where the swimming pool is actually situated, guests will have ample space to lounge or socialize in a part of the superyacht that’s typically only used for housing the ship’s equipment. But, thanks to the superior architecture and engineering that went into the design and creation of the Orcageno 60m axe-bow superyacht, expanded leisure space is possible.


In the helmet areas of the new superyacht with its curved glass that accentuates the natural light bouncing off the waters you will find the spa and health centre along with the sun deck which houses a jacuzzi as well as an elegant sunbathing area highlighted by leather accents.

With a combination of sophisticated styling, great attention to detail, the highest of safety standards, and architectural superiority, the Orcageno 60m axe-bow superyacht driven by its hydrogen-diesel, internal combustion engine is undoubtedly an extraordinary addition to the world of yachting.

Orcageno superyacht specifications at a glance:

LOA: 60.00 m
LWL: 59.80 m
Beam (max): 12.00 m
Draft: 2.74 m
Hull Type: Displacement
Estimated Displacement: 762.2 ton – fully loaded
Construction: Steel hull, aluminum superstructure
Classification: RINA, MCA compliant
Accommodation for Crew: 14 person
Accommodations for guests: 12 person
Diesel Fuel Capacity: 170,000 liters
Liquid Hydrogen Fuel Capacity: 220,000 liters
Fresh Water Capacity: 19,500 liters
Range at 10 knot: 13500 NM
Range at 18 knot: 7100 NM
Speed (Maximum/Cruising): 18/10 knot

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