The Beach Superyacht: 100% Natural Energy Usage

By on December 18, 2009
The Beach

French yacht designer Vincent Le Page, based in London, had revealed an innovative and ecologically friendly superyacht The Beach. This 62m extraordinary project was among the finalists in the annual Young Designer of the Year 2008 award.

The Beach features a quite stunning beach club formed by dropping one whole side of the yacht. She is also very stylish and efficient. Helical wind turbines and solar panels are used to provide renewable energy.

“The designed of the yacht was inspired by the idea of an artificial island. The yacht consumes 100 per cent natural energy when in island position and has a reduced carbon footprint while cruising”, said Vincent Le Page.


The 460sq m beach club platform would provide ample space for relaxing. There is also a pool on the main deck, several tenders, PWCs and two 6m sailing yachts for water sport lovers. It would take 10 minutes to deploy the beach area.

All cabins will be glazed with 100 per cent recyclable one-way glass.

“This permits passive heating and cooling of the interiors. Rooms surrounded by glass offer an uninterrupted view of the landscape when the yacht is in island position”, said the designer.

The Beach

When cruising under 10 knots The Beach would rely on hybrid diesel electric drives. The conventional diesels will be used only when traveling at higher speeds.

The Beach will accommodate 12 passengers, her estimated cost is around $150 millions.

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