The Moonen 124 Northlander: It May Be The Best Of Its Size

By on December 17, 2009
Moonen 124

The Moonen 124 Northlander has been described as: “The best of its size”. Originally, this luxury yacht was intended to be a one hundred and twenty foot water vessel. The design company working on the yacht was the Moonen and Rene Van Der Velden Yacht Design company. The client that was having the yacht designed managed to lead the hull from an already amazing 120 feet to an absolutely amazing 124 feet. As a result, many alterations were made to the vessel to turn it into what it is today.

Moonen 124

There are many different water vessels contained within the series known as the “Moonen Displacement”. The 72 foot “Lady Jalinka”, as well as the vessels that are 84 feet, 96 feet, and 97 feet in length. In a recent press release, the Moonen 124 has been identified as the “Queen of the Fleet”. This amazing motor yacht is considered to be the largest water craft constructed by Moonen. It does not matter whether the yacht will be used as a private cruising yacht or as a commercial charter, it is appropriate for either or even both!

 Moonen 124

One of the most distinctive features of the Moonen 124 Northlander are the beautifully designed decks – four in all! The decks are constructed in such a way that an exquisitely designed spiral staircase will lead guests from one level to another. On the main deck, you will find a master suite towards the front of the boat. On the deck just below where this is located, you will discover two cabins with double beds and two staterooms with twin beds. There are also quarters for the crew that operates and maintains the luxury yacht while it is traveling.

Moonen 124 Moonen 124 Moonen 124 Moonen 124

On the sun deck area of the Moonen 124 Northlander, you will discover an extremely large Jacuzzi as well as a fully loaded wet bar that provides plenty of storage space for a wide assortment of beverages and spirits. In case of emergencies that may occur on the yacht, there is a built in boat that is in place for the purpose and intent of rescue. There is also a specially designed room that allows the engineer onboard to control the functionality of the luxury yacht while it is in operation.

Moonen 124 Moonen 124 Moonen 124 Moonen 124

The luxury yacht has a top speed of right at 14.5 knots. There are two engines on the yacht that run from as low as 1430 to as much as 1845 when it comes to RPMs. You will discover in the bridge area that there are a number of clearly visible, technologically advanced screens that display a wide array of information to the navigator of the vessel. The internal design of the yacht is brightly colored and displays wooden decks and large windows that assist in delivering ample lighting to the interior area of the magnificent yacht.

Many distinct features in design and equipment make the Moonen 124 Northlander one of the most popular yachts to set sail in the yachting industry today. Back that with technological innovation and you have a wonderful mega yacht that is designed for class, quality, and functionality.

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