New Super Yacht Auction

By on December 10, 2009
Super Yacht Auction

Are you dreaming about buying a yacht? If Yes, you will be interested, that New Super Yacht Auction will start its work on January 1,  2010, only one month and a half later than the same online auction BillionaireXchange was launched.

Here is an official press release the Super Yacht Auction.

Super Yacht Auction, a new initiative in the yacht market, is the first global auction platform for super yachts (> 24 metres). As of 1 January 2010 Super Yacht Auction will organise online and public auctions for super yachts.
Super Yacht Auction is great news for those looking for new business prospects in the super yacht industry. This industry, affected by the economic decline, now has a new opportunity:
a tool to reach a wide audience, and generate fast sales in the market of these exclusive yachts.

Differentiated capacity in economic crisis

The auction process is both the most positive and most effective method to realize the highest price which the market is prepared to pay for a particular super yacht at any given time. Moreover, in auctions the transaction period is short, which means a very fast sale (generally within four weeks). In addition to that, any principal who brings a super yacht to the auction, is guaranteed to receive 50 % of the auction commission.

Safe and reliable: inspection and official supervision

The super yacht is sold in the condition in which it is at the time of acceptance (“as is where is”). For that reason every online or public auction is preceded by two inspection days (Saturdays
and Sundays). That gives potential bidders every opportunity to check and verify the super yacht before bidding.

Both online and public auctions take place under the official supervision of a well-established (nautical) bailiff firm or notary public.


Every super yacht on auction is presented to thousands of registered bidders, and bids are irrevocable and unconditional.

Online and public auctions

In order to serve super yacht brokers and owners worldwide Super Yacht Auction is located in Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Dubai, Fort Lauderdale, London, Marbella, Monaco and New York. Super Yacht Auction is a subsidiary of Vessel Auction which specialises in the organisation of online (175 per year) and public auctions of boats, ships and yachts.

Professional auctioneers

Super Yacht Auction is Register Auctioneer Ships & Yachts (issued by the federation of authorised valuers/appraisers, brokers and auctioneers of moveable goods) and sponsor of Dutch Association of S+P Ship- and Yacht Brokers.

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