Oceanco 85m Y705: New Colorful Luxury Mega Yacht

By on December 7, 2009
Oceanco Y705

On November 6th of the year 2009, a three day launching adventure for the 85, Y705 initiated. The company in charge of the launch was Oceanco. The yacht market is expecting the first arrivals of this amazing water vessel in the early part of 2010. Seeing that the technical platform Y700 of the previous Oceanco models has proven to be so successful among yacht enthusiasts, the company elected to use the same platform on the 85m Y705 model.

Oceanco Y705

The exterior design of this luxury yacht was made possible by a company called Bjorn Johansson Design. The company that created the interior design is named Terence Disdale Design.

The hull is colored with an exquisite teal. The idea behind this colorful concept was that by having a bright colored hull, the Oceanco Y705 would stand out among the many luxury yachts and mega yachts that travel in the area of the Mediterranean during the summer months. The overall superstructure of the water vessel is curved in many different ways so that it appears to seemingly flow over the water as it travels the seas. The yacht in itself is quite functional. There are many “hidden” accessories that help bring life to the yacht during special occasions. An example of this are the table tops that tuck away inside of the ceiling until needed.

Oceanco Y705

The main deck of the 85M Y705 is quite exceptional when it is compared to other luxury yachts. There is a beautifully designed cabin that is marked as the VIP arrangements for special guests. In addition to this, there are an additional four uniquely designed cabins in the same area that all connect to one another. If you venture into the dining area of the luxury yacht, you will likely appreciate the fact that it can easily convert into a conference room complete with video capabilities. There is also a nice library that is next to the dining area. If meals are served in the dining room area, guests can enjoy a wonderful view due to the fact that several windows surround the entire room.

Oceanco Y705

There is a bridge deck located on the 85m Y705 luxury yacht. As you take a stroll in this area, you will discover a spa. There is also a lounge in this area. The whole area is designed using exquisite bamboo. Amazingly, if you want to entertain your guests on this luxury yacht, you can easily do so by converting the lounge into a magnificent movie theater! There are not too many luxury yachts out there that can transform into a fully functional theater, that’s for sure! You will discover a climate controlled bar, and facilities for cooking meals on this amazing water vessel as well!

Oceanco Y705

The hull of the yacht is composed of steel and the superstructure as a whole is composed of aluminum. The beam measures in at 14.20 meters. It has a fuel capacity of 287,600 liters and a maximum speed of about 20 knots. The propulsion system is quite amazing on the Y705. It has two engines that have a total of 4,680 horsepower. The engines are described as “3,492Kw mtu 16v 595 te 70″.

If you are looking for a multifunctional luxury yacht, Oceanco’s 85m Y705 is sure to be a big hit!

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Foto: oceancoyacht.com, b-j-d.com