Monte Fino 76: Multifunctional Luxury Yacht

By on December 2, 2009
Monte Fino 76

The Monte Fino 76 luxury yacht has finally been released to the public. An international based team worked closely under the direction of a company Humphreys Yacht Design.

Monte Fino 76

The design of the amazing yacht was established by considering the needs of the individual that is likely to purchase such a yacht. While the Monte Fino 76 yacht is part of the series referred to as “Monte Fino”, it has a very distinct style from the other water vessels that came before it. In this guide, you will learn many important facts about this beautiful and highly functional yacht.

Monte Fino 76

When evaluating the Monte Fino 76 luxury yacht, you will discover that there are two different models available. One of the models has a hard top while the other model has a flybridge top that opens.

Monte Fino 76

If you evaluate the interior as well as the exterior area of the luxury yacht, you will discover that it has a different design than that of the other vessels in the same series. One of the main details that make this yacht appear so different from the others in the series is the main window that is saloon styled. There are also windows on either side of the yacht just above the area of the hull that allow those traveling in the yacht to see the great outdoors.

Monte Fino 76

When evaluating the interior area of the Monte Fino 76 luxury yacht, you will typically discover that there are four cabins – two of which are doubles and two that are twin. These are located in the area of the lower deck. These cabins are appropriate for the owner and family, as well as guests that are traveling on the yacht.

Monte Fino 76

In the area of the stern, there are additional living quarters. These are designed to house the members of the crew. Each living area provides a vast amount of space so that those who are traveling on the luxury yacht may enjoy the time that they spend on the boat in a comfortable manner.

Monte Fino 76

The overall length of the Monte Fino 76 luxury yacht is an amazing 76 feet. The beam of the yacht measures in at 19 feet total. The draft is measured in at 5 feet. The super yacht has a fuel capacity of 1,400 gallons and a water capacity of 400 gallons.

While considered to be a cruiser yacht, it is actually a multifunctional and versatile yacht. The top speed of the water vessel ranks in at 20 knots and the basic cruising speed is 16 knots. It is composed of high quality fiberglass. The motor is a Caterpillar model 3406. There are actually two of these motors on the yacht. Each of the motors come in at 800 horsepower and implement diesel in order to operate.

The interior design reflects that of Italian beauty and splendor. You will absolutely love the hardwood that is placed throughout the vessel, as well as the captivating designs and furniture pieces that are included within the luxury yacht.

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If you enjoy yachting, you will love the features and design of the Monte Fino 76 luxury yacht!

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