Derecktor/Azure 52m Awareness Green Yacht Concept

By on November 30, 2009

The new 52 meter green yacht concept Awareness now has the yacht industry focusing on environmental. This particular yacht is exclusive to the market of the United States and is being constructed by the Derecktor shipyard and the group Azure Naval Architects BV of the Netherlands actually released the concept of this particular luxury yacht. She is expected to put a new standard in place when it comes to environmentally friendly yachts and yachts that are designed to be efficient when it comes to operation.


It is true that there are other superyachts on the market today that are considered to be environmentally friendly, or “Green”. However, those yachts do not implement a standard or a “conventional” propulsion system. In addition to this, the other earth friendly yachts on the market are much smaller than this one. This yacht comes in at an amazing 52 meters, or 170 feet in length. Hugo Van Wieringen, the Director of Azure who also serves as the Chief Naval Architect was quoted in saying: “Energy consumption is projected to be 30% less than in a traditional yacht of comparable size”.


There are three different parts of the overall design of Awareness that is believed will have an impact on the level of energy efficiency that it has. These include the following:

* The hull on the luxury yacht will be longer than other hulls on water vessels that are approximately the same size overall. The beam will actually only be 8.5 meters. This provides a distinct advantage as it allows for a reduction as far as resistance is concerned when traveling through the water, which means that the engine does not have to work as hard.

* The propulsion system is a bit different than traditional super yachts. The engines are really small compared to those used in other yachts and the vessel has propellers that are exceptionally large. This allows the yacht to use less fuel, but to travel at relatively high speeds – an estimated maximum speed of right at 14 knots total.

* The designers will place a large assortment of solar panels on the overall superstructure. This will, in turn, provide the power that is needed to operate the services and features that are located inside of the luxury yacht. It is believed that these panels will provide an optimal energy savings of right at about 10% total.


In addition to these three distinct and amazing features, the green yacht will also be generously insulated – which is one area that traditional yachts of the same size fail. The insulation includes incorporating windows that are specially treated to retain cool air and warm air on the super yacht, a high quality air conditioner, and better grade building materials. This means that there will be less energy consumed both docked and in motion on the water. Amazingly, this luxury yacht even comes with what is referred to as a “Green Button”. Once pushed. The lighting on the vessel, the temperature, and even the wide range of appliances will be placed on a lower setting.

Awareness-05 Awareness

This amazing yacht will truly set new standards when it comes to being environmentally friendly.

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