Cerri 102′ Flyingsport: The High Standard Of Comfort And Sportiness

By on November 27, 2009
Cerri 102 Flyingsport

The Cerri 102′ Flyingsport is produced by Cerri Cantieri Navali. This luxury yacht is a unique example of elegance, style, functionality and habitability of the highest standard.

The history of Cerri Cantieri Navali began in 1997 and was the inspiration of Carlo Cerri. His love of the sea and all that was associated with it was the true vision for the company. Setting up the new company with more than 7000 meters of space was the beginning of a line of Cerri luxury yachts starting with the Cerri 28′.

Today the Cerri 102′ Flyingsport is the latest in the line of Cerri super yachts. A combination of comfort, speed and sportiness is what distinguishes the Cerri yachts from others. The yacht design is easily recognized by the soft lines and the “Flyingsport concept” that is a Cerri tradition.

Cerri 102 Flyingsport Cerri 102 Flyingsport

Hailed the flagship of the Cerri yachts, the most recent Cerri Cantieri Navali design is a combination of style and luxury. Add the technology that defines the Cerri name for the yacht that is as elegant as it is functional.

Cerri 102 Flyingsport Cerri 102 Flyingsport

The yacht has 28 square meters of space on the fly for the enjoyment of those who want to enjoy their time in the open air. There is a second driving dashboard place position of completely retractable (covered when not used to not disturb the external lines and when in use as a spoiler protection for the captain). The three driving sitting chairs block is a multifunction unit that turns in a sundeck large area. The rest of the space is left free and so the centre of the fly bridge deck is fully customizable to the owner’s wishes. Towards the stern there is an area equipped with a bar corner.

Cerri 102 Flyingsport

In addition, the yacht has two external areas outside livable. The first one consisting from the aft cockpit where there are a large sundeck and a dinette with multifunction table. The other novelty is at bow where still a large sundeck and a huge circular settee that can accommodate up to 20 people comfortably seated.

Cerri 102 Flyingsport Cerri 102 Flyingsport

The main deck features a day toilet and access to the captain’s cabin and the kitchen via a spiral staircase. The forward area is the living area with a plenty of seating and space for several people. This is where the sleeping quarters below are accessed as well.

Going forward even further is the dining area. A table that will seat 10 people is separated from the library by the cockpit. The table has a sunroof over it that opens using an electrical concept. There is of course, the wheelhouse that contains all the navigational electronics and the controls for the engine. This is one place you will see the style of the windows that are typical of the Cerri luxury yachts.

Cerri 102 Flyingsport Cerri 102 Flyingsport

At the low deck we can find the service area formed by a large kitchen that also serves as a relaxation area for the crew and from which you access directly in the engine room and in the captains’ cabin (two beds and separate bathroom). The second stairway goes down to a small lounge with library and sofa.

Cerri 102 Flyingsport Cerri 102 Flyingsport

The yacht design includes the bedroom areas which are on the lower deck. This is where the master bedroom with a double bathroom, the VIP cabin to your left and a hall that leads to two more guest cabins and another VIP cabin are located.

Cerri 102 Flyingsport Cerri 102 Flyingsport Cerri 102 Flyingsport

 Cerri 102 Flyingsport

The Cerri 102′ Flyingsport can sustain a cruising speed of more than 30 knots. This luxury yacht can reach 40 knots due to several aspects including the engines, the hull hydromechanics and the transmissions as well as the propellers. A truly magnificent super yacht, this is the latest in the Cerri line preceded by the Cerri 28′, the Cerri 40′ and the Cerri 52′.

Specification of the Cerri 102′ Flyingsport:

Lunghezza F.T. /Lenght: O.A. 31,10 m/102.03 ft
Larghezza/Beam: 7,20 m/23.62 ft
Immersione/Draft: 1,40 m/4.59 ft
Dislocamento A Secco/Dry Displacement: 80 t
Motorizzazione/Engines: MTU M93 16V
Potenza/Power: 2 X 2434 HP
Trasmissioni/Transmissions: Arneson ASD 16 L
Velocita’ Massima (Valori Stimati)/Maximum Speed (Estimated): 40K
Velocita’ Di Crociera (Valori Stimati)/Cruising Speed (Estimated): 33K
Autonomia/Range: 450NM
Serbatoi Strutturali/Structural Tanks:
Carburante/Fuel Capacity: 10,000 lt
Acqua Dolce/Fresh Water Capacity: 2,000 lt
Cabine/Cabins: 5 + 2
Posti Letto/Beds: 10 + 5
Servizi/Bathrooms: 5 + 2
Bagno Giorno/Day Head: 1
Genreratori/Generators 2 x 33 KW Kohler
Classificazione Rina/Homologation Category: Pleasure

The presentation of the Cerri 102′ Flyingsport in Cannes, at the Monaco Yacht Show and the Genoa 49th International Boat Show was second to the launch. The first launching was in Marina di Carrara port.

A truly magnificent super yacht, this is the latest in the Cerri line preceded by the Cerri 28′, the Cerri 40′ and the Cerri 52′.

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