Azimut 74 Magellano: Innovative Splash Of Italian Ingenuity

By on November 19, 2009
Azimut 74 Magellano

The new luxury yacht Azimut 74 Magellano was recently introduced at the Genoa 49th International Boat Show.

Azimut 74 Magellano

In the past couple of years, the group known as “Azimut Benetti” has hinted on the fact that a new yacht was in development. The president of the organization, Paolo Vitelli, made this quite clear in various interviews that he participated in. However, up until now, very little was actually known about this particular water vessel. This particular luxury yacht was created in the brand new production establishment known as “Arbatax Facility”. Here, you will learn more about this unique yacht.

Azimut 74 MagellanoTwo individuals played a role in the actual development of the Azimut 74 Magellano. The first person is named Bill Dixon, and the second person is named Ken Freivokh.

One of the most innovative features of the design that these two incorporated into this particular luxury yacht is the hull, which is in the shape of a “U”. This permits the yacht to reach relatively high speeds. These speeds remain high for an amazing 4,000 nautical miles total. There are two engines, which are identified as “CAT 1015″ which also contribute to the speed that can be reached in this vessel.

Azimut 74 Magellano Azimut 74 Magellano Azimut 74 Magellano Azimut 74 Magellano

On the main deck of this yacht, those that travel have the capability of enjoying a relatively wide viewing area. The space that is provided on this area is very large and will accommodate several individuals comfortably. Speaking of accommodation, you will absolutely love the fact that there are three double bed cabins onboard this water vessel. That is not all, though. The master suite contains a spectacular full beam and there is a special section dedicated to the crew members. For individuals that need to take their work along on their cruising adventure, there is a spacious office space available. The interior and exterior areas of the 74 Magellano are designed to meet the demands of the individual that wants and needs the highest level of appeal and quality when it comes to amenities.

Azimut 74 Magellano Azimut 74 Magellano Azimut 74 Magellano Azimut 74 Magellano

The overall length of the luxury yacht comes in at an estimated 22.6 meters. The beam of the water vessel measures in at 6.00 meters. The displacement is actually pretty impressive at an amazing 56 tons. The vessel is estimated to rank in at a cruising speed of 15 knots and at a maximum operational speed of 25 knots. This is pretty impressive for a vessel that has a displacement value of 56 tons! It may travel at these speeds up to 4,000 nautical miles.

Azimut 74 Magellano Azimut-74-Magellano-13 Azimut 74 Magellano Azimut 74 Magellano

In reviewing the decor inside of the 74 Magellano, you will discover that it incorporates a fresh, innovative splash of Italian ingenuity. I firmly believe that this particular luxury yacht will become quite popular among the commercial district in the yachting industry as it combines style, performance, and quality all in one.

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