Ferretti 740: Elite Interior Design

By on November 16, 2009
Ferretti 740

At the 49th International Boat Show that took place in Genoa, the luxury yacht Ferretti 740 was launched. This is considered to be the newest addition in the series of superyachts from the Ferretti Group.

Ferretti 740

This group is considered to be the leaders when it comes to building motoryachts. Two groups actually worked to construct this amazing water vessel. The first is part of the Ferretti Group and is called the Advanced Yacht Technology and the second is Studio Zuccon International Project.

Ferretti 740

There are three components to the Ferretti 740 that make it unique to those that are interested in the luxurious vessel – first, the top speed associated with the boat comes in at over 30 knots. Then, the interior design of the yacht is considered to be “Elite”. Last, the materials used to enhance the decorative appeal of the yacht are considered to be “Precious”.

Ferretti 740 Ferretti 740 Ferretti 740

When evaluating the Ferretti 740, you will find that it exhibits the classic design associated with many luxury yachts. However, there are many stylish decorative enhancements that reflect contemporary styles. The designers worked diligently to ensure that the boat displayed the luxury and elegance of Italian craftsmanship and high quality. The boat has actually been associated with the phrase “Master of Elegance”. This water vessel definitely has a personality all its own! When it comes to the visual enhancements, you will see warm tones being used as far as colors, wide areas that are designed to be sun-zones. For those that appreciate comfort lavished with style, the Ferretti 740 is absolutely perfect!

Ferretti 740 Ferretti 740 Ferretti 740

The overall length of the Ferretti 740 comes in at an amazing 74 feet, 5 inches. When completely dry, the weight is an amazing 126,986 pounds. The beam on the luxury yacht measures in at 19 feet, 2 inches. The hull measures in at approximately 73 feet. The length of the waterline is approximately 64 feet. It is estimated that the max speed exceeds 30 knots. This is made possible by an engine that is referred to as the “MAN V12-1360 CR”. The overall power of the engine is 1.360. The cruising speed of the superyacht comes in at about 28 knots total. This is good for a range of 360 nautical miles. The top cap as far as fuel is an amazing 5,500 liters. It is able to retain a water cap of up to 262 gallons total.

Ferretti 740 Ferretti 740 Ferretti 740

The Ferretti 740 brings many elegant features to the yachting industry. In the main deck area, you will discover features such as a saloon, a dining area that is highly elegant, a special galley area, as well as the official pilothouse. The luxury yacht also contains four individual staterooms that have their own unique head area. You will discover features such as carefully designed storage space, curved doors that are bi-fold designed, and plenty of insulation to mask the sounds associated with operation.

Ferretti 740 Ferretti 740

This is a sharp, stylish superyacht. It made headlines at the Genoa 49th International Boat Show and will continue to make headlines as more and more individuals are introduced to it.

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