The Sunreef 62 Sailing Catamaran

By on October 30, 2009
Sunreef 62

The Sunreef 62 is considered to be the single most successful sailing yacht produced in the Sunreef yachting line in the year of 2009. To date, thirty two individual yachts identified as the “62″ model have been launched.

If you are familiar with the model identified as “70″, you will discover that the shape of the hull of the Sunreef 62 is quite similar to that model. However, this particular hull is a bit more slender and also incorporates two sets of extended windows in the standard picture layout. This means that the cabins for guests that travel on this luxury yacht has a lot more general lighting and sightseeing capabilities than previous Sunreef yachts.

The Sunreef 62 yacht comes with a deck area that is considered to be a bit more spacious than previous models. The width of the deck has been extended by an amazing five feet which provides a lot more room than other Sunreef sailing yachts. Additional space is also part of the cockpit area, the flybridge area and the interior level of the Sunreef 62. As a result of the additional space provided in the design of this luxury yacht created for sailing adventures, more people are able to travel on the water vessel and higher levels of comfort are provided to those individuals.

Sunreef 62

If you have been following the line of Sunreef line of luxury sailing yachts, you will quickly be able to identify one of the new features and that is the location of the mast. In previous models, this was located on the main deck section of the yacht. In the Sunreef 62 model, it is located on the actual roof area. This is highly beneficial due to the fact that it allows the area of the yacht known as the “Saloon” to be extended by a space of 1.5 metres and it also increases the visibility of the body of water which is being traveled upon by an amazing 180 degrees! This makes traveling much easier.

When it comes to the flybridge of this luxury sailing yacht, you will notice that it is exceptionally larger than other Sunreef water vessels. It is also a bit more raised. Individuals that purchase this sailing yacht may actually customize this area with detailed modules of furniture, and a large number of accessories. Examples of these include traditional living area furniture such as a sofa, a pad for sunning while traveling, dining area furniture, or even a built in barbeque grilling area!

In the Sunreef 62, you will find that instead of the traditional two entrance options that are attached to the guest cabins that there are now three total. These entrances control the access to the side guest cabins as well as the owner cabin. Additionally, each unique cabin included on the sailing yacht comes complete with private bathrooms with shower spaces. There are also wardrobe and cabinet spaces for storing clothes and personal items as well as the large window spaces that allow lighting into the area. If you are interested in space, exquisite design and functionality, you are sure to love the Sunreef 62.


Construction                Composite
Length                             18.9 m / 62.00 Ft
Maximum Beam          9.88 m / 32.40 Ft
Displacement               25 T
Draft                                1.65 m / 5.40 Ft
Mast                                 Length 24.99 m / 82.00 Ft
Main Engines               2 x 110 HP
Fuel Capacity               2 x 700 l / 2 x 184.92 US gal
Fresh Water Tank       800 l / 211.34 US gal
Main Sail                        135.00 m² / 1453.13 Ft²
Genoa                             80.00 m² / 861.11 Ft²
Gennaker                      150.00 m² / 1614.59 Ft²
Solent                            38.00 m² / 409.03 Ft²

Classic interior:

Sunreef 62 classic interior Sunreef 62 classic interior Sunreef 62 classic interior

Modern interior:

Sunreef 62 modern interior Sunreef 62 modern interior Sunreef 62 modern interior

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