The New 115m Project For Oceanco

By on October 26, 2009
Oceanco 115m PA090 project

Oceanco is a company that focuses on creating superyachts. This company feels that there is a high demand for larger luxury yachts. When referring to a “small” project, a luxury yacht nearly two hundred feet in length is ideal with this particular company. While the company typically creates yachts with ease that are large scale, when the size reaches a certain point, the company must deal directly with SOLAS as far as their regulations are concerned. The individuals that work to construct the water vessels often feel as if they must compromise the appeal factor and comfort level in the superyacht when having to contend with these rules.

SOLAS is a special type of agreement in place that stands for “Safety of Life at Sea”. This group works to create special standards for the safety of the individuals that travel over the water. Safety measures and protocols related to emergency procedures are the most common rules put in place by SOLAS. Oceanco now has to ensure that special lifeboat units are included in their luxury yacht designs, and must work to ensure that fire zones are specified on the water vessels. The problem associated with all the safety regulations implemented by SOLAS is that it results in design complications.

The teams that design and build the superyachts at Oceanco focus on areas like the hull in order to incorporate the safety measures that have to be put into place on the mega yachts that they design. The goal is to ensure the safety standards are adhered to, while allowing the individuals and companies that purchase the yachts to have the freedom of customizing the yacht that they have purchased. There is a team of people working to make this possible right now. The members of this team include Patrick Casanova, Sam Sorgiovanni, and Nuvolari-Lenard.

Recently Oceanco added new concepts to its list of existing projects.

The design that Patrick Casanova has is quite interesting. It is so appealing that it is actually currently in contract. The design is referred to as “PA090″. It is for a megayacht that is an amazing 361 feet (115m) in length. It makes the yacht slimmer in nature which results in higher speeds.

Oceanco PA090 115m project

A large section of glass is placed on the main deck area. This extends up to the bridge area of the deck. The aft of the main area of the deck acts as the main suite and there is a large section of glass in the atrium. This results in skylight placement in the area of the master suite, the gym, and other rooms in the sun deck area.

The yacht has been designed with an MCA-approved helicopter landing pad on the sundeck and a rectractable, telescopic helicopter garage.

The designs delivered by Nuvolari-Lenard and Sorgiovanni include yachts that are 110 meters in length. One design designates a space on top of the luxury yacht for a helicopter. The other design places it on the deck area in the front of the water vessel. These two individuals also place tint on the glass that is green in color. Lenard places glass in the windows that is considered to be angular overall.

Oceanco 110m superyacht project Oceanco 110m superyacht project

The designs are still be evaluated by yacht designers, but both allow a level of customization while adhering to SOLAS safety regulations just like Patrick Casanova’s design. Oceanco is working diligently to ensure that all SOLAS standards are put into place while delivering a beautiful, comfortable experience.

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