Who Said A Superyacht Hasn’t To Look Like A Star Trek Aircraft?

By on October 15, 2009
Horizon trimaran superyacht

If you are interested in innovative, futuristic luxury yachts, then you are sure to agree that the future is on the “Horizon”.

Horizon trimaran superyacht

There are many trend setting yachts available today. Unfortunately, many of these luxury yachts do not target families that enjoy spending time out on the water. To be honest, this has actually been considered a downfall when it comes to the yachting industry. Most yachts are created for commercial purposes or for outdoor recreation such as races and fishing adventures. There is not a large market for family oriented yachts. Now, after much deliberation and numerous designing efforts, a family oriented luxury yacht has hit the market. It is called the “Horizon”.

Horizon trimaran superyachtBut above all I would like to mention the developer of this project. This is a young man named Barnaby Heseltine, 24, who lives in London, UK.

Here’s what he says about himself: “I am a Boat Design graduate from Coventry, who is very professional, reliable, conscientious and trustworthy and in the past have proven to be able to work on my own initiative, under high pressure and when systems are not working as planned. I am used to working as part of team or on my own enjoy either.

During my time at Univercity, I pushed myself to excel in computer aided design, why always having a sound basis in engineering. I especially enjoy searching and researching new technologies and innovations and working with them where appropriate.”

Horizon trimaran superyacht

“I intend to work as soon as leaving Univercity for a yacht or power boat design company, - Barnaby says. - What’s is important to me is to one day be recognised designer and to be appreciated by fellow designers, while working in an environment I am happy in. I would like to be thought as someone who pushed himself and encouraged and inspired others to push boundaries and achieve remarkable results.”

And now let’s go back to his great project.

Horizon trimaran superyacht

The Horizon is a very practical yet exquisite super yacht. You will find that the appearance of this water vessel represents futuristic art concepts. The main area of the boat is connected by two carefully crafted walkway bridges that connect to another cabin area on both the right and left side of the water craft. When observing the water vessel from the top, it almost looks like three individual boats! In my opinion, I believe that they should design the yacht so that the two “sidecars” so to speak, are able to disconnect from the main boat. I think this could be a good idea for exploration, water sporting activities, and even safety. It is not to say that it may never be done, it just appears that this is not a consideration at this time.

Horizon trimaran superyacht

The more I look at this luxury yacht, it reminds me of the infamous “Star Trek” symbol… I mean, in all honesty it does look like some type of aircraft that has the capability to float on water. Our obsession with sharp designs, points, exquisite curves, and modern appeal has had a large impact on the exterior design of this amazing mega yacht. That need for modern décor has also had an impact on the interior level of the Horizon. In the Captain’s cockpit, for example, you will find a highly technologically advanced computer and GPS navigational system, and digital controls.

Horizon trimaran superyacht

As you explore the various levels and sections of the Horizon, you will discover that it offers a wide range of amenities. The bathroom of the yacht contains a full bath, shower unit, double sink area, and a toilet. There is a lot of floor space within the bathroom so there is plenty of room for individuals who put it to use to move around. The dining area seats a large number of individuals and is a beautiful room decorated in a whitish tan wood. The living area will accommodate several people at once too. A decorative couch and chairs may be placed in the area, as well as a large entertainment center that includes space for a large screen plasma LCD TV.

Horizon trimaran superyacht

The future of the yachting industry is definitely on the Horizon. If you are seeking a family friendly luxury yacht with ample space and a lot of distinct features, this is the boat for you! This mega yacht is able to reach high speeds, sail with little to no complications, and provide hours upon hours of entertainment. In addition to this, this super yacht conserves energy and works to optimize the natural fuel in such a way that operating expenses are lowered. The Horizon is an amazing yacht that will be in high demand before too long!

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