The Super Green Yacht “Soliloquy” Introduced

By on October 2, 2009

The “Super Green” yacht called the “Soliloquy” will be introduced at the 2009 International Boat Show in Fort Lauderdale, Florida – The “Yacht Capital of the World”. This is considered the first ever “green” superyacht to be introduced to the yachting world.


While I find this to be a highly interesting creation, I am even more amazed by the fact that a British student Alastair Callender that is only 23 years old created this magnificent yacht! This individual used materials that are considered to be “sustainable” and produce only a relatively small percentage of emissions from carbon! In a world where greenhouse emissions and global warming are considered to be “hot” topics, this is sure to be a hit among environmentalists and individuals that are interested in environmentally correct yachting strategies.

SoliloquyWhen I learned about the way that the “Soliloquy” is powered, I was absolutely amazed. Despite the fact that this is considered a luxury yacht, the yacht design incorporates the use of solar panels and what is referred to as “wings” that act as sails. Once the initial model of this eco yacht has been completed, it will be an amazing 58 meters long. This is a lot of “boat” to power by simply incorporating the use of the sun’s power and the wind’s power to allow it to function on the open waters. Even more interesting is the fact that the superyacht can run on just one type of natural power or a combination of both types of natural power.

I did a little research to uncover what a superyacht of the same size typically uses when it comes to marine diesel on an hourly basis. I was amazed to discover that this usually averages in at anywhere between 250 liters and 600 liters. Naturally, there are many factors that determine the amount of diesel that is consumed by a luxury yacht. Still, though, to imagine that a superyacht running at optimal level can peak as much as 250 liters of marine diesel an hour and this new superyacht will require only the sun’s power of the power of the wind running at the same capacity is pretty impressive to me.


Despite the fact that the eco yacht’s design is environmentally friendly, the costs associated with this luxury yacht are immense! It has been averaged that the official construct could cost as much as sixty five million dollars! When reviewing other superyachts that are approximately the same size, I discovered that this price is considered about average when it comes to construction costs. The good thing about the “Soliloquy”, though, is the fact that there will be no expense associated with fueling costs. So, overall, investing the sixty five million dollars into the construction of the mega yacht is definitely worth it.


The next items of interest when it comes to the eco yacht’s design is that the inside area of the superyacht will be designed using resources that are environmentally friendly as well. All of the amenities, all of the tables, and all of the chairs will be constructed from resources that do not leave behind a large carbon footprint. All in all, I believe that this eco yacht is designed in a highly beneficial manner. The use of natural energy coupled with exquisite luxury yacht design will be hard to be beat! Be sure to check out the introduction at the International Boat Show in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 2009.

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