The Future Of Super Yachts: Introducing The Feadship Aeon

By on October 1, 2009
Feadship Aeon

The Monaco Yacht Show of 2009 was an absolutely fascinating event – to say the least. Given my interest in yacht boating, I am always amazed by the innovation, the technology, and the creativity exhibited at yacht shows.

This year, many exciting introductions and concepts came into play. I would have to say that most individuals at the show were astounded that such advancements could come into play in the yacht industry. One particular exhibition stood out to me personally, though. That was the introduction to the future of super yachts. The introduction to the future concept Feadship Aeon.

The Aeon introduction follows many yacht introductions over the past few years. If you follow the yacht industry as well as I do, you probably remember the 2008 introduction to the “C-Stream”. In the year 2007 the “F-Stream” was revealed at the yacht show. In 2006, we were introduced to the amazing “F-Stream”. While based on the history of the yacht event I knew a new luxury yacht would be revealed, I never expected something as magnificent at the Aeon. Once I tell you a little bit about this truly unique luxury super yacht, you are sure to be just as thrilled with it as I am!

Ok, so what makes this particular super yacht different from all the other exquisitely designed yachts? How about we start with the fact that it is environmentally friendly. Yes, you read that right! This magnificent boat implements the use of an energy system that is considered to be “Green”! Wow, now you do not find a lot of “environmentally correct” super yachts riding the waves these days. I do agree that green energy technology is important when it comes to boating and that a green energy system on a yacht was long overdue!

Let’s think about it… individuals that yacht as hobbyists truly enjoy being in the great outdoors. They enjoy the freedom of independence of riding along the waves of the immense ocean. They enjoy the sun and the rain, the heat and the cold, the wet and the dry… why NOT have a green energy system that has a positive impact on the environment? I think that this was a GREAT move! Now that green technology has been successfully incorporated on a luxury yacht, more yacht manufacturers are likely to produce the same type of boats with this type of energy system. Aeon actually uses several components in order to receive the power that it needs to function appropriately. Bio-diesel is used and so is the energy from the sun. Solar power is considered to be a renewable source of energy, so the environmentalists are likely to love this new concept for the future line of yachts.

Now, let’s talk about the immense glass tower that is on this yacht. First of all, there is a means of moving from one deck to another by a miniature lift composed of glass that actually moves up and down. You may also be surprised to discover that the tower has an area where the owner may have privacy – it is a little terrace. Then, there is an extensive lab contained within the tower where you may make several observations regarding the ocean and even the environment! It doesn’t end there, though! There is also a specially designed plane that can be used on the water as well as a capsule that can be used for diving purposes!

Seriously, this super yacht Aeon has really delivered something new and exquisite to the luxury yacht liners.

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