BMW Blue Dynamics Land Yacht: If The Sea Is So Far

By on September 21, 2009
BMW Blue Dynamics Land Yacht

Designer Stefan Radev created a conceptual design of a wind-powered vehicle called the BMW Blue Dynamics Land Yacht. The designer merged the style of a premium vehicle with the exclusiveness of a yacht, powered by an environmental force-wind.

BMW Blue Dynamics Land Yacht

The name “Blue Dynamics” combines a symbolic connection of the wind (air) and BMW’s “efficient dynamics”, “active hybrid” greener emission programs.

BMW Blue Dynamics Land Yacht

The Land Yacht consists of three wheels and a huge sail in back for steering. Entry to the cockpit of the vehicle is via the elevating windscreen and the rigid sail adjusts according to the wind direction automatically or manually, through the sail control unit inside the cockpit. All-in-all Blue Dynamics reminds a boat.

BMW Blue Dynamics Land Yacht

The playground of “Blue Dynamics” is a flat open space like deserts or beaches with typical wind conditions.

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