Sleek Automotive Designs Come to Superyacht

By on September 11, 2009
7cs superyacht by Drive Design

There are many different vessels that you will see out on the water that will amaze you up close. However, one of the best ones that are out there today has been created by Drive Design.

7cs superyacht by Drive Design

Luxury yachts sometimes are hard to find because of the sheer amount that it costs to own one. This new modern day yacht design by Drive has taken the traditional function of a superyacht and transformed it into something that bears somewhat of an automotive look. The 125m 7Cs is the pioneer of this yacht design and will soon be consider the next superyacht.

Primary use

With that the main focus when these were being constructed was what exactly they were going to be used for. You see most luxury yachts have different styles to accommodate different types of people. You may get a luxury yacht that is a cruiser, or maybe on that is geared more for the explorer, or even a charter yacht. Using all those as the main focus Drive believes that this superyacht with the automotive design will have a touch of all of them giving you the first luxury superyacht.

Special features of the 125m superyacht

There are so many special features that are going to be used by Drive on this project that we can’t list them all in this article. However, there are many things that are going to stand out from the rest and that’s what we are going to refer to here. The first thing that really needs to be pointed out is that it will have a sunken pool towards the front that comes with a handy retractable cover for the days that the weather isn’t so great and it will maximize your deck space. In the rear of the superyacht will be a surrounded Jacuzzi that will provide shelter and privacy for the owner. One other thing that Drive has added to the mix which is a space for the owner to garage a helicopter as well. As you can see there are many different options that they are using and this isn’t even the half of it.

Top Speed

Depending on the type luxury yacht you are looking for, Drive has stated that this particular vessel will cruise somewhere in the range of 20-25 knots. If you stay at cruising speed although undetermined at this time, Drive believe based on this yacht design that you will be able to go about 5500 nautical miles before your tank is gone.

Hull Design

There are some things if you continue reading that will explain Drive’s new reverse bow design if you are not familiar with how it is designed for sea keeping abilities.

The design was created so that the boat would take less beating from damaging waves, will create a smaller wake, and affords a longer range. The reverse bow allows the boat to run a lot smoother through the sea so that you are able to get more range out of this yacht design. The wave motif which runs from the bow down the side to the stern will make so that the structure sits higher protecting it from the damaging waves. This yacht design is going to set the tone for many different vessels moving forward so that you have the best of what’s out there.

Future plans for the 125m superyacht

With all that you have read, this is just the basic layout of this superyacht. However, there are going to be plenty more features that will be introduced that will be listed below. This basic layout is just covering tank, garages, and power.

The first thing that drive wanted to do with their yacht design was construct one and take it to the Monaco Yacht show 2008. This was a great way for them to see the interest that people had in their boat and it would give them a good idea which way to go with the design moving forward. The reception was great and there seemed to be a lot of interest in the superyacht and now Drive intends to continue the project moving forward. They have taken some of the feedback that they have received regarding this luxury yacht and put them to use.

When this plan was originated for this luxury yacht it was made with a little less space. But since then the design has change with the outlook of giving the owner and his guests the ability to stay on the yacht with the same space as they would enjoy in the friendly confines of their own home. As you can see this is definitely the yacht of the future and Drive is going out its way to make it be just that.

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